Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil

9 September 2019

“Without you there is no me.” These are well know lines from one of my personal favorite bands. Pierce The Veil performed at Summit Music Hall in Downtown Denver on December 15th, 2011. They were one of four bands that performed that night.

Pierce The Veil is a band that originated in San Diego, California. The band is described as “emo-Inflected post-hardcore.” Vic Fuentes (vocalist), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Tony Perry (lead guitar), and then finally Jaime Preciado are the four members of the band. That night they preformed six songs from their newest album; Selfish Machines.

Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil Essay Example

The first song that they performed was “The Boy Who Could Fly”. This song was the best song that they could start off with. It’s one of their most upbeat songs and it got the crowd jumping. They were very energetic one stage. They did a lot of jumping around and they used the stage very well. They did this throughout their entire set. During their performance of “Bulletproof Love” Vic actually started singing at the back of the venue and then incorporated the crowd by asking them if they could help him get back to the stage and he crowd surfed back to the main stage. This made the show more fun because you got to see how excited the crowd was and just showed that the band themselves cared that the fans were having fun.

No one in the room wanted the show to end, so once the band walked off the stage we all wanted to hear more. For about a minute to a minute the entire room chanted “One more song!” The band could not resist they came back out and performed one of my favorite songs; Caraphernalia. Even though you could tell that they were all tired and just ready to relax and be done they came back on stage!

Their Selfish Machines album is amazing! I encourage anybody who likes post hard-core music to listen to this band. Their music is amazing, catchy, and upbeat. They have also recently released that they are going to start recording a new album soon. I hope that everyone who reads this looks into this band because I have nothing but good things to say about them!

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