Selling England By The Pound:Classic Reviews by Genesis

10 October 2019

Genesis is a band that likes to play progressive rock and have some Avant Garde ish music mixed in as well. But unlike many other prog bands of its time, at least in terms of vocals, there we’re two eras of this band. The Peter Gabriel side(the side we’re in right now) and the Phil Collins side. But, since this is the 70s we’re talking about Peter Gabriel`s Genesis.
Selling England By The Pound was released in 1973 and is widely considered to be by fans as the best album. While so far I haven’t checked their other albums, I can surely say this is awesome. Why? We’ll take a listen after this review and you might know. 53 minutes is all they really need. Eight tracks isn’t much but if you did have a couple ten minute+ songs, you can easily make it much long. This album is setup with a normal song/transition style. Except this time the “transitions” are three to four minutes minutes. With tracks such as Firth The Fifth, The Battle of The Ebbing Map and the grande finale of this great album here. The final its self is about 13 minutes with The Cinema Show lasting for most of it and likes to build as the song goes on. Then the Ailes of Plenty comes,on with a soothing piano chord at the end for the 90 seconds or so. Very, very epic.
I give this album a 10/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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