Senior Year

10 October 2016

Students should go to high school for four years because senior year can sometimes be the hardest, certain colleges still look at senior year transcripts, and junior year would simply just replace senior year and everybody would still do the same things a year earlier. Senior year is not always a student’s easiest year. Sometimes, students sign up for advanced placement classes because they finally think that they can understand and succeed in these tougher classes. Kids want to prepare themselves for college so they make their senior year a little harder so that college courses will be a little easier to adapt to.

Walter Kirn argues that senior year is not necessary by saying, “It’s a spree, senior year, that discharges built-up tensions. ” For many students who plan on attending college, senior year is nowhere near a spree. Students do not just explore random and easy classes because they think they can pass without even trying. They sign themselves up for important classes that will challenge them and keep them busy during senior year so they do not lose a step for college. For many, senior year may be the hardest year of someone’s high school career.

Students are smarter than ever before and they still want to learn more before beginning college. They do not expect the year to be easy even though that is the general senses. Many kids choose classes that make senior year their toughest year. Many high quality colleges do not stop looking at students after junior year; they look at senior year transcripts too. This is another reason why senior year is still an important year. Students cannot take senior year lightly because certain colleges may still look at their transcripts at the end of the year. In Walter Kirns argument against the senior year, he tated, “Why not just get started early and read “Moby Dick” for pleasure, if they wish, rather than to earn a grade that they do not need? ” Many kids need to earn a good grade so that colleges will not decline their application or monitor them closely because of a poor grade. Next to junior year, senior year might be the most important year to some kids because colleges may still look at their grades deciding whether to accept them or not. For college bound students, which there is an abundant from every school, senior year is still an important year that they need to succeed in.

These students cannot slack off because they are relying on their final grades to get into college. Seniors cannot just lay back; they need to continue to work hard because colleges may possibly look at their senior grades to see if their work ethic is always the same. If senior year did not exist, junior year would take its place. The author says senior year does very little for maturing and that senior year is not needed. The author argued this by saying, “Nothing much happened, just the loss of a year when nothing much happens anyhow. If senior year no longer exists, then junior year would soon be a pointless year and nothing would be achieved. People are less mature as juniors, so they will slack off even worse and will not be prepared for college at all. Many argue that seniors just party and slack off waiting for the year to end. Junior year would be the exact same if senior year was taken away. Students would still be excited to leave and therefore, still achieve nothing. Whether it is junior year or senior year, people are still going to treat it like it is their last year and continue to do the things that everybody does during their final year of high school.

Many people overlook how important senior year really is. People think that there would be nothing lost if high school only consisted of three years. They think it is a waste of time and therefore, not needed. High school students need to continue to have senior year because it may be their hardest year yet, many colleges still look at senior’s transcripts, and without one more year, junior year would be just like senior year except earlier. Every year in high school, including senior year, is important. Senior year is a vital year in high school that must remain and not be taken away.

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