"Senseless" by David Archuleta

7 July 2019

On January 6, 2011, a song that didn’t make it on David’s debut album leaked. The song is called “Senseless”, written by James Fauntleroy, who helped pen another one of David’s songs, “My Hands”. And this song is a little bit like it. With an R&B vibe, showing David’s rougher voice and his sensitive side.

The song is about a girl breaking up with him, and how he can’t handle it. It’s making him senseless. This song seems a bit extreme for David, considering he’s said he would never act this way over a girl. It seems like that’s why this song didn’t make the album. It’s a lot like “She’s Not You”, another reject off of the debut which was leaked last year. Both songs show a more vulnerable David, going crazy over a girl, and that’s not the way David is.

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Though he puts a lot of emotion into this song when singing it, it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t connect to it as well as others.

So if the question is whether this song should have made the album, I’d say no. It’s a great song, and David sings it amazingly as usual, putting the right emotion where it’s needed, but it’s not “him”. It’s a lot more believable to hear David sing about touching fans’ hands rather than things like this. Fans would much rather want to hear the real “David” in his songs rather than him singing a good song just for the sake of a good song.

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