Sensitivity to Social Aspect of Life

1 January 2017

Sensitivity to social aspect of life Sensitivity is that urges the child to focus his attention on certain aspects of his environment to the exclusion of others. Such attention is not the result of mere curiosity; it is more like a burning passion. The sensitivity to social aspects of life begins at 2. 5 to age 6. Children pay special attention to other children of their own age. Children at about age three are in solitary play or parallel play. The work of sensitive period enables recognizable affections and friendships to develop.

In this way, the child learns to be part of a group. During the sensitivity period of social aspect, we should create an environment that is warm and loving to meet the child’s emotional and spiritual needs. At the same time, we also provide opportunities for the child to experience social interactions with other children. At school, children are allowed to speak to each other and start their own activities together with whomever they chose to form groups with.

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Teachers do not force them to form these groups, nor do they make them compete against one another.

Hence, the children desire to help one another spontaneously whilst performing the chosen activity together. It is thus during his interactions with his classmates that the child comes across experience, which helps him to develop emotional maturity. For example, through practical life exercises, children are taught to learn how to share when they only have single pieces of equipment available for use for lessons. At home, as a parent, we also should encourage the child to play with the children and share something with each other. We provide the warm environment for the child to interact with other children.

Whenever the child makes mistake, we should not scold them or treated them harshly. So, they will not treat harshly to other children, and all of the children will play together peace and happy. If the child is deprived of the right environment, for example, not allowing him to play or socialize with others, the child may feel lonely, and want a lot of attention from the parents. As a result the child will become very unfriendly and anti-social. So, during the sensitivity period of social aspect of life, we should create a good environment for the children.

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