SEO Optimization Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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SEO Optimization Essay Sample
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I was researching the SEO ( Web Optimization ) and I found some good things that I wanted to portion with you. Keywords

The first thing is some keywords that you can utilize for tickets to heighten people happening your web site. I used a plan that goes into your web site and so looks around and gives you a list of keywords for your web site.

* Free Firearms Training
* NRA Firearms Training
* Tactical Firearms Training
* Firearms Instructor Training
* Law Enforcement Firearms Training
* Tactical Weapons Training
* Firearms Training Video
* Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
* Firearm Gross saless Sites
* Firearms Gross saless Statisticss

* Used Firearms Sale
* Ruger Firearms Sale
* Online Firearms Gross saless
* Private Firearms Gross saless
* Tactical Firearms Sale
* Whole Sale Firearms
* 7. 62X39 Ammo Cheap
* 223 Ammo Cheap

* Discount Ammo Free Transporting
* Discount Surplus Ammo
* Very Cheap Ammunition
* Military Surplus Ammo
* Surplus Ammo
* Discount Ammunition

Meta Tags
I was able to happen a web site that will make META TAGS. Meta Tags are what people don’t needfully see but they are a manner to assist people know what they are looking at. You can see META Tags by traveling onto your site and right clicking and stating position beginning. They should be located about 10 lines from the top. I made a unsmooth transcript utilizing information that I got form your site. You can alter and redact things as you wish. I included quotation marks next to each of the Meta tickets explicating what they do. If you were to utilize this exact thing merely cancel the ruddy text.

Presently you have 2 automatons on your web site. Noodp & A ; Noydir. Let’s start with what a automaton is. A automaton is fundamentally a bid that tells hunt engines how to expose your information. Right now you merely have Yahoo and Google automatons. The Noodp automaton is the automaton used for exposing information on Google. On the other manus. the Noydir is used for exposing on yokel. If you of all time bury which is which I guess you could merely look as the center of the name. Noydir has a Y in the center therefore is goes to yahoo and the noodp has 2 o’s ergo it goes with Google.

Link Building
I really merely found this and thought it was reasonably of import to add. Link edifice is when you use a sure beginning such as the newspaper and you advertise your web site at that place. The more people that know your site outside of the cyberspace. it will convey them to happen your site online and so by happening your site online it will hold your hunt engine ranking travel up because of a higher demand of people happening your site. I was able to happen out that reddotarms. com can be found on 30 web sites including: the day-to-day trumpeters community subdivision. yip. mojopages. and of class your facebook page. besides at that place many others.

This is merely something that I threw together tonight from some research that I did on SEO. If you want me to come by and demo you the material that I learned merely give me a call or direct me a text. Besides earlier you asked me if I had any thoughts for the site and I don’t think you got my answer to that electronic mail. If you want my sentiments merely inquire. I’m free reasonably much most of the twenty-four hours this hebdomad and I know that you said you are closed tomorrow and Friday so on Saturday if you want me to come down I can demo you stuff.

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