Serial Killers and Feminism

4 April 2015
The paper presents a detailed exploration of serial killers and feminism, using several sources to explore what the feminist film contributes to the understanding by society of serial killers.

The paper shows that for many years people have studied the patterns and lives of serial killers in the effort to establish how they are created; and other studies are conducted to discuss the pattern of the victims of the serial killers. It shows that since the 1960’s the women’s movement has been in full force– from housewife and helpmate to equality in the world between the genders. The paper examines several works which have been published that have examined the feminist role, and reaction to serial killers. Books examined include “In Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film” by Carol J. Clover and Mark Seltzer’s Serial Killers: Death and Life in America’s Wound Culture.
Chapter six of the book discusses the popular psychology of the serial killer. In this area of the book the reader is taken on a journey of what the popular beliefs are when it comes to serial killers(Seltzer, 1998). This chapter also addresses the victim even if not directly. It manages to dovetail with Clover’s opinion that serial killers in films are not the heroes.

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