Servant Leadership in Healthcare

1 January 2017

Furthermore, these characteristics modeled by leaders must be successfully transferred across the entire organization. Such leadership will move beyond transactional exchange to engender emotional commitment of the employees and stimulate intellectual capital. Competitive 21st-century health care firms will be characterized as adaptable, creative, relationship oriented, communicative, team driven, having flattened hierarchies, and able to retain employees and engender loyalty in customers.

Given the call to move the health care organizational culture from transactional leadership to transformational servant leadership, how should leaders initiate change? We need to implement a multilevel strategy that combines a fierce resolve of primary organizational leader with the target of a discrete department or specialty area. This approach ensures initiation of change at macro and micro levels. Second, we suggest following the change agent insights gained from research to create a leadership development process with an impact on every level of the organization.

The best hope of engineering change is to create multiple advocates and champions of change throughout the enterprise.

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Measures of effectiveness using internal and external comparison groups provide tangible markers for change effectiveness. A commitment to continuous improvement linked with a nonnegotiable resolve toward servant leadership creates a more responsive system. Continuous Parker 4 improvement programs might include process improvement teams, utilization management reviews, benchmarking, and targeted cost management.

By using these tools, health care needs are met and the opportunity for a transforming experience is created. In addition, patients enjoy improved care physically while receiving the effective, intangible benefits of customer focused service. As patients experience the benefit of customer- focused health care, they have the incentive for choosing enhanced-quality health care over mere service for fee rendered. If service is what inspires leaders to provide, community is where this is expressed.

In healthcare, leaders have to find ways to meet the needs of their diverse communities and forge alliances that use the most appropriate assets of each to meet shared goals. Servant leaders stand out in their willingness to serve and value others without the need to be defensive, even if provoked. Their sole interest is in developing those whom they lead and those with whom they collaborate. Some advantages in servant leadership: * Value People * Enables others to develop and flourish * Shows commitment to the community * Expresses a human face in an often impersonal environment * Puts back he concept of caring to healthcare Parker 5 * Seeks to improve care through encouragement and facilitation rather than through power and authority. Some disadvantages of servant leadership: * Disturbs the concept of hierarchy * Can be perceived as a “religious” concept * Can be perceived as weakness * Similar to transformational leadership approaches God is the ultimate reality of the world. He created the world and created men and women in his own image. God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that we could have eternal life.

Without God, there would be no world because he is the creator of everything. God is omniscient or all – knowing. He is the Alpha and the Omega and knows the beginning from the end. God is sovereign which expresses the fact that nothing is beyond his ultimate interest, control, and authority. God is full of goodness which can be expressed through holiness and love. God’s holiness emphasizes his absolute righteousness, and his love which will not abandon us in times of need. The nature of the world can be described as chaotic, intelligible, and contingent.

I believe that God is the creator and he is the one who manages the world. God is constantly involved in the unfolding pattern of the operation of the universe. He is responsible for keeping Parker 6 everything in balance. This is why we have day, night, and even the seasons of the year. God keeps the Earth turning at just the right speed so that we don’t fall off. He keeps the Earth far enough from the Sun so that everything doesn’t burn up. God is responsible for all of these things. Without God, there would be no Earth because he is the creator of all things.

If we don’t have God in our lives to manage it, the world as we know it will be chaotic. Our lives will be sinful, miserable, and out of control. God is responsible for keeping our lives in balance and he forgives us of our sinful nature if we turn our lives over to him. The nature of human beings is sin. Human beings are created in the image of God. They possess personality, self-transcendence, intelligence, normality, gregariousness, and creativity. Even though we are created in the image of God, we all fall short of the glory of God. Jesus is the only perfect man who did not sin.

As for everyone else, we are sinners. Although we try to do the best we can, we all are sinners in the eyes of God. As Christians, we are responsible for asking for forgiveness of our sins, and turning away from our sinful nature. Sin is the root of all problems we face. It is in our human nature to sin. Sin started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Temptation is all around us. Even though we try hard to avoid sin, we all fall short from time to time. As Christians, we go to God in prayer to help us with our sin and turn our sins over to God.

He is the only one who can help us to turn away from our sinful nature. The world, as we know it, it full of sin. People who live in the world without turning their lives over to God will surely die. If we put God in control of our lives, he will give us eternal life. Jesus is the one and only solution to the problems we face in this world. We have learned that the world is full of sin and that our human nature is sinful. As more people turn their backs Parker 7 on God, the world will become even more chaotic and evil.

Humans have become selfish and have stopped making God number one in their lives. It is a lot easier to live worldly lives when the world is full of sin rather than do what God has commanded us to do which is to turn away from the ways of the world and follow him. When we turn from the ways of the world we actually have to work hard in order to accomplish what God has told us to do. It is much easier to give in to what Satan has put before us because Satan makes sin look good and pleasurable. Therefore, worldly people are blinded by Satan and his attempts to make us sin.

The only way to solve the world’s problems with sin is to turn to God and ask Him to forgive us of our sins and turn away from our sinful nature. The way to do that is to fully trust in God to help us to be strong so that with His help we can overcome what Satan tries to throw at us. Those who choose to turn their backs to Christ will die. Those who keep Jesus in control of their lives will not perish, but have everlasting life. As for me, God is in control of my life. I have lived in sin before I became a Christian and it is a life that will turn your life upside down.

Sin will make your life miserable and it will kill you. Satan is here to steal, kill, and destroy! If he is given the chance, he will do all three! As Christians, we should choose to serve as leaders rather than being served. As human beings, we tend to be self-centered and selfish at times. We have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. Through Christ, we can learn how to be more generous and thoughtful to others. He can give us the tools we need to be more thoughtful and successful leaders. Through him, we can learn how to serve others rather than serving our own selfish needs.

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