This is to certify that Ms. Rama Devi Yechuri has worked in our institution as a junior lecturer in Chemistry from June 1992 to December 1997.

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Ms. Yechuri is a sincere, honest, hardworking and dedicated employee with a professional attitude. She has excellent teaching skills and interacts well with students.

Her responsibilities involved evaluating students’ progress which entailed preparing, administering and grading tests and assignments. She was also required to prepare teaching materials and the classroom environment for class activities.

Ms. Yechuri was able to adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs and interests. Additionally she was quite proficient in maintaining accurate and complete student records according to the stipulations laid down in educational laws, district policies and administrative regulations.

I wish her all the best and success in future career endeavors.


Principal Name

Doddapaneni Indira Mahila Junior College


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