Service Learning Reflection paper

6 June 2016

Service Learning Reflection Paper My volunteer work was at the Amarillo SPCA. The Amarillo SPCA is a home for cats and dogs that are still in good condition and can be put up for adoption. This organization is a non-kill and does not receive any assistance from the government; they simply rely on donations and sponsorships from local people and companies. They are located at 11901 S. Coulter in Amarillo. The shelter has 53 kennels, 12 puppy cages, 5 exercise yards, and 30 cat kennels. The purpose of the organization is to help these innocent animals find their forever home with an owner that will show them love and compassion as much as possible. Here at the Amarillo SPCA they are trying to stress that no animal should be abuse or neglected and there is always a second chance for them.

While at the Amarillo SPCA, I volunteered on two different days. On the first day, I thought that I was going to be helping nurture the six animals, but instead I was in charge of taking out the little puppies while the other volunteers were cleaning out cages and changing the paper inside. I took them out to one of the five exercise yards and let them play around without leashes. On the second day of volunteering, I showed up and signed in. The man at the front desk asked if there was any way that I could help out by cutting paper for the puppy kennels. They were running low and needed help cutting as much as they could. Another volunteer and I cut paper for two and a half hours, and then helped the full time employee clean out kennels. I also did these tasks for the older dogs.

Service Learning Reflection paper Essay Example

Volunteering at the Amarillo SPCA was a great experience for me. The most fun part was actually playing with the dogs because it makes me feel like I am making a dog’s day. The most meaningful part to me was knowing that I was a part of an organization that helps animals who are in need of help. What I liked the most about volunteering at the Amarillo SPCA was actually helping out around the shelter and interacting with animals. The challenge for me was sitting inside while the other volunteers where outside playing with the dogs.

This assignment could be improved by having one of the workers, from the places that we will be doing our service work for, come in and explain what each place is and what they do specifically. I would suggest actually having to do an interview process to see if you are willing to come and help out anywhere that you have assigned. I would like to see this done more often in each class. Actually having to go out and do community service is fun. If this was a requirement for every level, it would help out in the long run. It would also help out some college students when it comes out to applying for jobs. It will show that you help out and give back to the community every semester. This project was actually fun and would recommend it to other students in the future.

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