Service Management – Service concept

6 June 2017

Service Management Introduction It is considered that the most critical thing for a company is to effectively and efficiently deliver the service to the customers. It does really matter which industry the organization is operating in, the features of services have be taken very seriously and in addition to that, customers have to be satisfied in order for the organization to grow. It has been argued by numerous scholars that the primary need of the customers in the modern business world is to have a good experience, along with added value to be served to them.

It is important to note that regardless of the apabilities of a product, the organization is not likely to be successful in accordance with its full potential if the offered services are not effective and efficient enough. In addition to that, the management of the services includes the whole end- to- end process, in which the customer is facilitated by the provider of service in every way it could be. The approach of the service management urges the organizations to stop focusing on what we do or what we have and start focusing on what we deliver to the customers.

Service Management – Service concept Essay Example

It is important to note that most of the customers buy a product because f its excellent service. Need For Improvement Improvement in services provides the organizations with an opportunity of increasing profitability as well as revenues and improving the services overall would mean increased effectiveness and efficiency. This would mean an increase in the returns for a significantly less investment as compared to making improvement in the equipment, machineries as well as the products. Improvement in the services provides the organization with a competitive edge over the others and tends to drive the culture of service.

It basically involves interacting with the customers. This could be done by talking to them, communicating with them regarding their likes as well as their dislikes and even encouraging some services according to their preferences. It is the understanding of the customer which is known to be critical for the success of an organization. Discussion It is considered that in case of unhappy customers with the customer support or the service provided to them, then there are a few steps which an organization should consider taking. These include: 1 .

Looking for the worst metric and tightening up the response. The operations of an organization have to analyze. Things should be considered like the maximum time that the customer has had to wait for its call to be answered or the time the customer has waited in line. 2. Improvement in the service level reporting. The organizations should replace perception with the reality of whether it’s bad or good. After this the organization could portray an improvement with the passage of time. 3. Resetting the expectations. The level of service that the confirmed with the customers.

This would allow the organization to keep up to the expectations of the customer. The service concept With the increasing changes in the tastes and fashion of the people and the services as well as the products become similar to one another, it is a high possibility that the other organizations are likely to copy the services as well as the products of other organizations. In order to avoid too much similarity and maintain some level of comparative advantage, the organizations are more than likely to compete through some other elements which rise above their offering of the services.

This is generally known as the service concept. The service concept is known a little more emotional han the model of the business and much deeper than the brand. In addition to that, it is observed that the level of complexity is higher in a service concept as well as being a lot more solid as compared to a vision. This provides us with a clear idea regarding services management. The chief of service are known to be inability to inventory, intangibility, easy entries, and production of the service as well as external influences.

The concept of the service is considered to be the mutual understanding between the received nature of the nature and the provided nature of the service by the organization. In addition to that, it should also be able to summarize the information regarding the idea of the organization, the experience of the service, the outcome of the service and the operation of the service as well as the value of the service which is given below. When a customer goes out and generally considers the things around while doing routine work, it is likely to be attracted by the experience that it receives with the service provided by the organization.

This is a motivating factor for the customer and is likely to attract the customer if applied well. In addition to that, it is an important thing to note that under the xamples of a customer going for a walk in the park, its experience of the service would include services which are fun and lively for all the age groups, there is a variety of attractions, the queues for the major rides, entertaining and exhilarating, easiness and the time taken to buy the required ticket.

Apart from that, the operation of the service would include a massive car parking area, good signage to the park, clear map sites, various kinds of queuing procedures, a variety of outlets containing food as well as the more the attractions and rides, the better the operations of the ervices. The experiences as well as the operations of service had been defined of a customer visiting a park. What the customer perceives as a result depends upon the offerings analyzed above.

Good outcomes may include fun time, great day for outing, thrilling rides, no moment of dullness throughout the experience, great experiences with family and friends as well as total exhaustion of the customers. These outcomes are known to be ideal outcomes. However, if the services are provided efficiently and with extreme care, the values that are to be attained by the customers include free arking, the ticket being expensive but the money was worth the fun, reasonable pricing of the food items, all inclusive pricing as well as the total values of the money received by the customers. This is a well-defined service concept.

There have been concept is known to be the approach that companies tend to have its services perceived by its shareholders, employees, customers as well as the lenders (Heskett 1986). It is also known as the “customer benefit package” (Collier, 1994). This means the things that aim at providing value as well as the benefit to the customers. This lement has also been applied in the marketing concept. An example could be making use of 8Ps of marketing which includes the features of place, process, physical evidence, productivity, people, promotion, pricing as well as Service product (Lovelock and Wright 1999).

The service concept is also defined as a process of 4 steps which includes service operation, service experience, service outcome and the value of the service Oohnston and Clark 2001). The operation of the service is the way in which the delivery of the service is done, the experience of the service includes the irect experience of the customer, the outcome includes the results as well as the benefits of the service perceive by the customer and the value of the service includes the benefits that has been attained by the customers which are weighed against the service cost.

A detailed service concept is highlighted below. Theory Service theory is meant by the knowledge of what is normal as well as permanent in the production of a service. It has been observed that most of the studies conducted on services have made use of 1 or 2 alternate approaches. This is defined as normative or descriptive purpose. The 2 basic resulting paradigms of theory have differed from one another when if when the study object has been the same. The descriptive theory is known to possess the information regarding the present as well as the past activities of production or utilizing a service.

However, it does not tend to aid in its modification according to the demands of the latest requirements. Historic and academic studies have often been observed to be of the same kind. The normative theory of service is known to have attained the general information as well as the tools that could be made use of in the production of a service. This is specially done for its optimization as well as the improvements in planning. The research which is made use of in the creation of normative theory tends to be extensive as it requires a larger number of cases.

Practices of Service Management The practices of the management of services would highlight numerous sources of the theory itself. This theory is portrayed in different ways by different scholars and researchers. The basic theory provides a seven step model of practices in to different domains of activity in which the organization has to provide the service. 1. Plan: How the organization tends to run its operations. In addition to that, what needs to be done in order to run this operation? 2. Solve: The needs of the customers have to be determined and accordingly the services have to be created. . Evolve: The way in which the things work in the organization in a disciplined and controlled way. 4. Provide: The services to the customers 5. Assure: The services are able to meet the objectives set by the organization. In safe and secure for the customers as well as the organization. 6. Respond: When things tend to take place. This especially includes situations when the customers require assistance or advice. 7. Govern: The entire procedure and system and make sure that the requirements are met according to the goals set.

In addition to that, it has to be ensured that these stay under the bounds that have been set initially. SERVQUAL model The purpose of the model is to determine the average gap score between the expectations and the perceptions of the customers. The model itself is dependent on 3 basic dimensions which include solutions and causes to be the gaps, the gaps as well as the chief dimensions of service. The Gaps Gap 1: difference between the perception of the management and the expectations f the customers. Gap 2: difference between the perception of the management and the specifications of the service quality.

Gap 3: difference between the specifications of the service quality and the delivery of the actual service. Gap 4: difference between the delivery of the service and what has been communicated externally. Gap 5: difference between the expectations of the customers regarding the service and what is actually received by them. Apart from these, there are known to be a few chief dimensions of the service. These include empathy, assurance, responsiveness, reliability and tangibles. Reliability: the organization should be reliable and able to keep up to its words.

It should do what it has said to do and the promises should be fulfilled in any case. Customers depend on the reliability of their providers. This is most important thing that is valued by the customers. The providers of services are required to be reliable as well as advanced. Responsiveness: the organization should have the expertise to be able to respond to any queries immediately, quickly and promptly. Waiting would make the customer frustrated and doubtful of the services provided by the organization. Assurance: the customers perceive the providers of services as experts in their profession.

This is the chief reason they do not expect any delays and mishaps. This has to be assured to the customers by the organization. Empathy: Services should in accordance with the provided specifications. The organization should ensure that it does deviate from initial instructions of the customer and that the service should have 100 percent compliance in accordance with the specifications provided by the customers. Tangible: another important factor is the appearance of the service providers. It is considered that the customer ill have a good initial perception of the organization if it appears to be attractive.

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