Set The World on Fire by Black Veil Brides

7 July 2019

Here Comes the Brides…

Except this 5-man band, Black Veil Brides, from Los Angeles, California, are surely not your typical ladies in white gowns. Dressed in black leather, ripped clothing, dark makeup, and a heavy rock/ metal sound, it’s positive that these men stand out. However, they are not just about screaming pointless lyrics. In fact, their newest album, Set the World on Fire, contains very minimal screaming. Their music delivers the heart-warming message of being yourself, and helps kids cope with the fact that they will not always be accepted for it.

The founder and lead singer of Black Veil Brides is Andy Biersack. Making up the rest of the quintet are guitarists Jinxx and Jake, drummer Christian ‘CC’ Coma, and bassist Ashley Purdy. The name Black Veil Brides is derived from a Catholic term, referring to when a nun enters a convent, giving up the pleasures of life.

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Andy always enjoyed the idea of devoting your entire life to something, which to him was music. Although their name or image may deceive you, every member is a male in their twenties. Influenced by Kiss and Motley Crue, the Brides have developed a large fan base, mostly consisting of teenagers. That isn’t to say adults are not fans, too. I have seen plenty of parents come –in full makeup attire- to shows alongside their children.

Black Veil Brides was formed in 2006 in Andy’s hometown of Ohio. The band name was originally Biersack, and there were many member changes. Eventually, Andy moved to Los Angeles and met Ashley Purdy. Together they began the new band, and with a few more adjustments, Andy had finally found permanent members. The band began touring around late 2009, and has constantly been on the road ever since. Black Veil Brides has been featured in magazines such as The Big Cheese, AP Tour, and Kerrang, and won a Revolver Golden God Award and Kerrang – Best International Newcomer. They soon will be touring with well-known band Avenged Sevenfold.

Black Veil Brides’ sophomore album, Set the World on Fire, also the title of a song on the record, was released on June 14th. It hit number three on the rock album chart. Andy says he and the others wanted to “show how we had naturally grown as a band and as songwriters.” The song “Fallen Angels” was released as a single, and “Smoke and Mirrors” was a bonus track. The 3 most fast paced songs on the album are “New Religion”, “Youth and Whiskey”, and “The Legacy”. I can already see the mosh pits forming just by listening to those tracks. “Ritual” and “Saviour” are slower acoustic songs. Saviour has beautiful guitar riffs and maintains the band’s encouraging message with passionate lyrics, such as the chorus: “A saviour will be there, when you are feeling alone. A saviour for all that you do, so live freely without their harm.” The two songs that didn’t stand out to me as much were “God Bless You” and “Love Isn’t Always Fair”. I found the instruments sounded very generic, and the lyrics weren’t unique or special.
Overall, I thought this was an outstanding album, and it was clear the Brides worked extremely hard on it to create a unique variety of songs. If you haven’t yet, give Black Veil Brides a listen. There’s something on the album for everyone.

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