Set You Free by Gary Allan

Gary Allan is one of country music’s biggest stars. Set You Free is Allan’s first album after a hiatus of three years. The album is stellar through all twelve tracks.

The album Set You Free tells the story of a person who has finally forgiven the events in his past and is able to move forward in life. The album’s title comes from a line in the album’s lead single, “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain).”

“Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)” is a ballad that has touched many country fans. Fans were so intrigued by the song, it just became the fastest rising song of Allan’s career.
The song is easily relatable to those who have experienced many downfalls in their lives. Gary performs the track with honesty, affirming that the bad will not last forever. It is the perfect way to start off an album. If country fans fell in love with “Every Storm” they will continue to love the rest of what Set You Free has to offer.

The following song is my favorite. “Bones” describes a relationship at the very end. Allan almost triumphantly sings of a hole he has begun digging at first for himself, but then realizes that he might as well dig the hole for his girlfriend, which has caused him so much pain. Yes, the lyrics may tell a dark story, but Gary Allan portrays an upbeat attitude and makes the song fun and enjoyable to listen to. These are the types of songs radio likes to snatch up.

The singer has a tendency to mix in a few songs about new love and how he takes it differently than relationships in the past on songs like “Drop.”

For Allan’s past few albums, you can see a more somber side of the singer. This new record is proof that he is on his way to recovery from the past. He sounds more confident and front and center than ever before. This album is indeed a reflection, but more positive than anything. A look to the future and it finally seems like Allan has been set free from his demons. I commend Allan for releasing such a honest album. There is no holding back here.
The album is some of Allan’s most consistent material in that he doesn’t try to tell so many different stories. The album has a solid theme that carries through. There is a little bit of everything for fans. At times, songs are melancholy and then they pick up and you experience a laid back classic country rock album. Edgy but sophisticated. This is pure Gary Allan.

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