Setting the Scene Julius Ceasr

7 July 2017

Change The Set Act l, scene two of the play ‘The Tragedy of Julius Caesar’, written by William Shakespeare will be changed from ancient Rome, to 1953 in Lass Vegas, Nevada. Lass Vegas in the sass’s had a lot of major events such as Frank Sinatra first performance at the Desert Inn and the Lass Vegas Park opened but then closed due to 12 fatal accidents. The nightlife of Lass Vegas is a perfect setting because it fits in with the backstops of all of the characters.

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Setting the Scene Julius Ceasr
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The backstops is that Julius Caesar, who will be hanged to a female named Julia, started up her own business in New Jersey that started off well but soon started to fail so to get back on top Julia turned to illegal activity. Julia Caesar has almost the ‘killer with a conscious’ personality. Even though Caesar started off doing illegal activity that made her rich, Caesar is giving back to the community such as giving findings for schools and giving a lot of money to charities. The people instead of disliking her or fearing her, see her as their hero.

Caesar made ore money and tried to expand in Lass Vegas where Caesar made it big. Once Caesar started to gain more than enough wealth she started to build more casinos and hotel. Caesar eventually became the leading boss in Lass Vegas, through her businesses as well as through illegal activity. The characters have changed as well. California is now Career’s sister instead of Career’s wife. California is not mentioned a lot in this scene, only on passing but being Career’s sister is Justified to why she is in this particular scene. Antonym and

Case are business partners of Caesar, but Cassias and Brutes are also associates of Caesar but they are the most confided associates of Caesar, they are the ones that Caesar started off when she was almost in ruins so Caesar trusts them with her life. This scene still works because the emotions of the characters are still the same. Even though they are in different periods the reason behind their action is still the same. No matter in what time period people still think the same. That is why we learn history so we won’t repeat the same mistakes they did because we think like them.

The feelings in Julius Caesar are real feelings that people really feel and will respond the same way like when Cassias gets Jealous of Career’s power. This can happen in the mafia world where the subordinate gets Jealous of the boss’s power even though he did all the work. Also because in the real world everything is emotionally run, every action behind what someone does is because of an emotion. To clarify how the scene still works since we changed the set shows that in the scene Caesar is Just talking to California and Mutinous about the race in a public lace.

We have the same scripted but Just a different time setting and place. They are also well dressed to see the foot race, but instead they will Just talk into Career’s Lass Vegas office . The changing of the set only changes the activity they are doing . The characters in this play do change physically because the male roles are now turning into female roles. For example Julius Caesar will be Julia Caesar , Cassias into Cassandra , and California is Career’s sister ; not the wife. In extent , they won’t

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