Settle by Disclosure

Disclosure revolutionized the modern deep house music scene. Ever since their founding in 2011, the 2 brothers from suburban London have come from teaching drum lessons in their family home basement to headlining festivals all over the world. Their freshman album “Settle” is one of my favorite albums of last year.

The album’s first song is”When A Fire Starts To Burn”. This song is a perfect way to start off the record. Containing samples of a speech from a Southern minister, the song has a groove to it that makes everyone dance.

“Latch”, the second song, is one of the best songs of the album in my opinion. The track features British vocalist Sam Smith who uses his very powerful voice to compliment the song’s throbbing. melody. It’s not a shocker this tune is all over the radio.

The third song is called “F For You”. This is one of several tracks of the album where Howard, the younger brother of the duo, actually lends his own voice. The combination of Howard’s distinctive voice and the make-you-wanna-move beat of the song caught the eye famous R&B singer Mary J. Blige, who went on to remix the song, adding her vocals to it.

Next up is “White Noise”, with funky British pop singer Aluna Francis.In this song, the beat fluctuates from very relaxed sounding to something with a lot of bass. This track, with a melody to it reminiscent of the disco music from the 70’s, is sure to be a crowd pleaser, anywhere.

“Stimulation” is the next one. This song, one of the only of the record that does not feature any guest vocalists as well as the halfway point of the album, is a percussion heavy, very danceable deep house jam.

“Voices” follows. Containing lyrics from Sasha Keable, this track exemplifies how beautifully Disclosure incorporates gripping vocals into their music. Sasha’s voice is melodic and captivating. This track is one that is hard to resist putting on repeat.

A more experimental track, “Second Chance”, Disclosure uses sweeping modular synths and dreamy and distorted vocals to show their diversity in the way they make music.

This next one, called “Grab Her” turns rapper J Dilla’s lyrics into a dancefloor worthy song.

“You and Me” featuring Eliza Doolittle revisits the old UKdeep housesound Disclosure seems to flawlessly produce and breathes a new life into the genre.

Quickly transistioning from happy to more emotional sounding songs, “Confess To Me”, with Jessie Ware,contains abstract yet upbeat synths,warped by the vocals of both Jessie Ware and Howard Lawrence, giving the song a more cryptic and dark feel, yetstill showing Disclosure’s signature made-for-dancefloor trademark.

The duo finishes the album with “Help Me Lose My Mind”, withthe strong voice of singer London Grammar. Full of love, emotion, and beauty this song ends leaving us pinning for more.

On top of being amazing producers, Disclosure also has one of the most impressive live shows I’ve ever seen. Combining their musical skills and modern electronic music devices, the shows consist of use of synths, keyboards, guitars, and drum machines. Also, the duo use laptops to create visuals based on the song being played, all while performing live. If you ever have a chance, go see them. At most shows, they even bring out different vocalists from the album.

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