12 December 2018

She wasn’t well prepared for the road ahead of her. Just seventeen years and she didn’t know the directions on her road. There weren’t many signs. She did indeed ignore the few signs there were. And when she came to a bridge in her road, she didn’t know how to cross it. So she did a quick U-turn. Pulled into a rest-stop and then asked for some direction. But all they had to give her was a GPS. So the girl hooked it up and followed the GPS back to the bridge. Then it broke. It told her to take a left instead of the “right” way. The girl got lost again. And she was so frustrated that she threw the GPS out the window. She kept driving straight. Now she came to a four-way stop. And with no one around, she didn’t stop and out of nowhere, she crashed into a pole.

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Now she knows that she made some bad decisions. So now the girl can begin her road trip in a new car. Now just 2 days later, and eighteen years behind her, she canmake better choices by listening to her road signs.

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