Seventeenth Century Fashion

4 April 2015
Argues that fashion styles reflect the spirit of an era. Examines the fashion of the 17th century to reveal the attitudes & prevailing social concepts held by the people of the time.

Fashion reflects the spirit of the time, and an examination of the fashion of a given era should reveal certain attitudes and prevailing social concepts held by the people of that time. The fashion of the Seventeenth Century reflects the spirit of the age, a period of change, with political and social shifts that are reflected as well in the way fashion developed for both men and women.

Davenport (1948) notes a number of the major shifts taking place during the Seventeenth Century. She notes that this was a period of alteration and realignment as royal prerogative gained over feudal power so that the lord’s responsibility for his people was weakened, shifting responsibility to the people themselves to a much greater degree. This was the era of the rise of new types of guild. The old, vertically-composed craft..

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