Sex & Politics

4 April 2015
Examines relationships based on power & control in Arthur Miller’s [The Crucible], Amiri Baraka’s [The Dutchman], Caryl Churchill’s [Vinegar Tom] & David Henry Hwang’s [M. Butterfly].

The word political implies the operation of things relating to the government. The Crucible, The Dutchman, Vinegar Tom, and M. Butterfly all explore Western society’s view and treatment of sex and the ways in which the Western shame of things sexual becomes transformed into political misconceptions and persecution. Three of the plays address the way white Western men use sex to satisfy themselves and create an image of themselves that grants them power. Necessarily, men’s use of sex requires the use of women as sexual objects. In the fourth play discussed, The Dutchman, the playwright address the political ramifications of sexual interplay between blacks and whites.

Sex & Politics Essay Example

However, these plays also demonstrate that for the…

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