Sex Slavery Essay

11 November 2016

In the two minutes that it took you to turn your laptop on so you can check Facebook, another child, woman or even man have been sold and forced to become a sex slave. Slavery and human trafficking have become a widespread problem around the globe today. From 60,000 to 200,000 women, children and men in one city to another have been sexually abused, harassed, prostituted from being sold to being bought. Even though it is common in our world, it is unethical because it is sad to see what sex slavery really is. In Juliana Dogbadzi’s story, she talks about what horrible things she has been through.

Juliana has been sexually abused, beaten, and threatened by a priest. Juliana states, “I was raped repeatedly by the priest on torn mats on the cold floor of windowless huts. ” Who would have known that this would have happened to her. Through her experience, she writes a story to convey the tragedy of sex trafficking.

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No one should do what they do not want to do. Her story is important because of the fact that she reaches out to other people and catches their attention, to inform people who are being violated throughout the world. According to Congressional estimates, every day in our country 100,000 children are being sold for sex on the internet”(newser. com, December 14, 2011). Procrastinating men to prey on teenage girls and young men and turn them into something they do not want to be, a sex slave . Prostitution and human trafficking are sustained by demand on the web and no one is doing anything about this situation. Prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes represent a serious obstacle to social equality, to gender equality and to the enjoyment of human rights.

Trafficking profoundly violates human dignity and the right of individuals to decide over their own lives and their own bodies. The victims are primarily women and girls, but men and boys are also being exposed to prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. Studies convey that it is mostly men who purchase sexual services. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education and other co-sponsors held a protest in front of Craigslist Headquarters in San Francisco on July 8th to bring attention to Craigslist’s facilitation of and profiting from sex trafficking. Craigslist continues to cynically profit by functioning as an online pimp,” says Norma Ramos, Executive Director of CATW. “Craigslist is the new stroll where pimps traffic, johns buy and Craigslist profits,” says Melissa Farley, Executive Director, PRE. Both of these women are entirely against sex trafficking on the internet, and are having a protest. This critical situation is even in our own area. Sex Trafficking can also be of any person male to female although those trafficked are mostly female.

The ages can be as low as 5 years old for oral sex and the girls then start having vaginal sex when around 10 years old. In Indonesia in the military brothels some girls are 5 when forced to have vaginal sex which either kills them of the girls suffer traumatic physical damage to their bodies. Imagine the mental trauma the girl would endure. There needs to be a change within this epidemic situation. Sex slavery is worldwide, and so much can be done to stop these practices, including efforts by governments, business and the general public.

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