Sexiest Girls of Olive Garden

2 February 2017

I believe that the target market for Olive Garden is mostly targeted towards family. They use a slogan in their advertising, “When you’re here, you’re family.

” They feature young professionals in their ads to target upper income families. Women and teenagers were most likely to be repeated customers. The popular TV show, “The Girls Next Door”, was meant to target men but ended up targeting more women. It targeted young, college-educated, upscale adults.The reason for targeting young female adults is the hopes of convincing them that the lives the girls have on the show is a dream to follow. 2. Olive Garden has spent years working hard towards their image as a wholesome family dining establishment.

Its venues are decorated with many Italian elements to make if feel as comfortable and home-like as possible. The brand has had much success, especially with them supporting philanthropic activities. I don’t think their image is consistent with the image of “The Girls Next Door”.Olive Garden appeals to parents, grandparents, and families and this is not what the TV show is about. I don’t see families sitting down to watch a show about the Playboy girls. 3. Olive Garden will face many risks associating Playboy and Kendra with its restaurants.

I think going to the restaurants to find the sexiest employees can be demeaning to the company and may give families the wrong impressions. Giving the winner a nude Playboy pictorial will go against the family image that Olive Garden has worked so hard to gain.I wouldn’t want my grandparents or children associating Olive Garden with nude girls. In other hands, it could bring in a whole new crowd and give them more business although it might not be the type of crowd that they want. 4. Brand equity is when a company makes their product a well known brand name. The brand can add significant value when it is well recognized and gives the consumer positive associations.

I believe Olive Garden has done a great job with their brand equity because many of their customers are repeating customers.Brand equity is all about building loyal customers and they have built their company on this. 5. I think that Olive Garden needs to stay away from associating themselves with the contest and needs to stop the Playboys from doing it. They appeal to younger people and families, with many of them well-educated. A lot of people look at the Playboys as non educated people who don’t care much for themselves and this is the complete opposite of Olive Garden’s brand. Ultimately it would not be a good appeal for them and may make the families who are loyal customers to stop going there.

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