Sexism in Advertising

A paper which discusses sexist and offensive messages in advertisements.The paper provides an overview of the topic of sexism and offensive messages in advertisements. It points out that the average American views up to 3000 advertisements a day and therefore the messages that come across have a huge impact on the viewer. The paper uses the example of De Beers diamond ads as an example of sexist advertising and offers suggestions, such as boycotting products, as a means to control offensive messages.The ways in which women are stripped of their individuality through traditional advertising tropes can be seen in a DeBeers billboard that was recently easily spotted when driving on local freeways. What is so striking about this ad is that it manages to be offensive and sexist without actually portraying any women at all.

But by trading on sexist stereotypes that should be long dead (or rather, should never have existed in the first place but most certainly have no business being brought in to play now) it qualifies as a perfect example of how are inundated with messages in the mass media that diminish women in a way that should make us all ashamed.

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