Sexting Some people say that sexting shouldn’t be legal but I think that sexting should be legal. There are a lot of consequences that comes with sexting, but it’s your choice if he or she wants to put themselves in that predicament. Today I will be telling and explaining my reasons why I think sexting should be legal. My first reason is because it’s a common thing in 2013. My second reason is because it’s a choice that people choose to make. My third reason is because it’s not a crime unless you make it a crime. The reason why I say that sexting is common in 2013 is because most teenagers and young adults do it.

They would send sexy pictures to their boyfriend or girlfriend to make them happy. They may also send nasty sayings to one another to show how much they want to be with them. It’s not a problem when it couple because you know that your sexting messages are safe. If it was to someone you barely know then you’re not sure what they would do with you messages. Next, I say that it’s a choice that people make is because no one can control you actions. For an example if I chose to send my boyfriend a picture of me half dress than that was my choice, no one else’s.

If he ends up sending it to someone or posting it on a social network I don’t have the right to complain because I sent the picture. You should always think about the repercussions before acting. I say that because the blame will no longer put on the person who sent the picture. Lastly, I said “It’s not a crime unless that’s what you make it” for many reason. The first reason why I said that is because if you expose someone to others, than that would be considered a crime. If you don’t know the person you sent a picture, video, or even sexual quote to as much, why send them.

You have no clue or idea what they would do with them. The person you

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sent them to can be a rapist or a pedophile and you never know. So you think before you act. In conclusion, I feel that sexting should be legal unless you use it in the wrong way. The whole world knows that it’s not a safe thing to do but they still chose to sext. Sexting isn’t supposed to be something that hurts another person. It’s supposed to be something that a couple or two people that likes each other do when trying to “spice up” the mood. These are the reasons why I feel that’s sexting should be legal.

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