Sexual Child Abuse

A definition of this form of abuse and its effects on children.

This paper defines various forms of abuse and focuses on sexual abuse on children. It looks at the effects of this abuse from many different angles. It begins by examining the emotional effects which are expressed in the form of traumatic sexualization, stigmatization, betrayal and powerlessness. It also explores the developmental effects, both short term and long term. The paper concludes with a look at “Megan’s Law which requires local authorities to inform a neighborhood if a convicted child molester lives there.
Child sexual abuse involves a broad range of sexual behaviors that take place between a child and an older person. These sexual behaviors are planned to erotically stir the older person, commonly without concern for the consequences, choices, or outcome of the behavior upon the child. Definite conducts that are sexually offensive frequently involve bodily contact, such as in the state of sexual kissing, touching, fondling of genitals, and oral, anal, or vaginal contact. Nevertheless, behaviors might be sexually abusive even if they do not entail contact, such as in the case of genital exposure, verbal force for sex, and sexual abuse for purposes of prostitution or pornography.”
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