Sexual Harrasment

1 January 2017

He is trying to make her feel if she doesn’t continue the relationship with him it will cause a big problem and will spoil her name in society. He is forcing her to continue the relationship only with him. Linda offers sexual favors to her professor in order to get a passing grade. The professor agrees, and Linda receives a passing grade. Even though Linda offers sexual favors without professor compulsion, this is also a Sexual Harassment. Because, the professor is making use of Linda’s need to get passing grade.

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It clearly shows that Linda will get only passing grade if she does the sexual favor. A demand or request for sexual favor to do anything is clearly a sexual harassment. Mary, a supervisor, asks her male employee, Stan, to join her for dinner so they have will some quiet time away from the office to go over his performance evaluation. We are not clear about the intention of Mary here. If Mary really asks Stan to join her for dinner to discuss his performance evaluation it is good. Even if she discuss about performance, if she force Stan to join her for dinner it is harassment.

It seems like, if Stan joins her for dinner, then only she is willing to go over his performance evaluation. Bob, a supervisor, makes comments about on a regular basis to his secretary, Susan, about how she is dressed for the day. Comments about clothing, personal behavior, or a person’s body are also one form of Sexual harassment. Bob’s comments on Susan’s dress for the day are Verbal Sexual Harassment. A customer in a restaurant grabs the rear end of a waitress. She complains about the customer to the manager, who says, “Ignore it, you’ll probably get bigger tip. Manager asking his waitress to ignore it for bigger tip is clearly the sexual harassment. Because, Manager is not willing to lose his customer on behalf of this and he is also encouraging these things to happen. Don posts pictures of scantily clothed women on his office walls. This is a more pervasive form of sexual harassment involving work conditions or behavior that make the work environment ‘hostile’ for the woman to be in. Display of pornography or sexist/obscene graffiti is an example of a hostile work environment. This is also one of the forms of Sexual Harassment.

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