Sexual issues

6 June 2017

Life is good, Moored life is messy. Many social problems have surfaced in all new forms, and they affect the life of all people some way or somehow. But still the world turns and fights on so that these issues don’t eat at us. But sex though, one of the greatest gifts of life: that makes life, helps us live life and Is life; now seems to be a problem to life. Transforming Into an Issue to mankind, and more problematic to the present college student.

People may wonder why this comes as a problem, because “everyone needs to have seer or at list that swims wrought the minds of the existed and discombobulate students, Students tend to view sex as just some hobby that makes them FLT in, or shows them to be a so called mature individual. But looking at sex form these stand points are not wise In any form.

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Whereas sex Is health and has many countless benefits to man and woman; may they be homo, bee or metro sexual, sex is good. But where there is good must be evil, so sex does have some negative impacts especially when looks at from these stand points.

Negative impacts such as upland pregnancy and 1 out of 4 unplanned regencies are genuinely accepted. Reasons being that being a mother and or a father Is a great responsibly. Taking cure of a little baby is a very big Job. And In your early levels of college education a child is more than Just a distraction, but a whole new life style. Even more stressful than getting a child from the sex is getting a curse from sex. Because Just as how sex can bring new life to earth so It can take life from earth.

AIDS and or HIVE does wonders to the mind and body in such a way, that it most times leads to death. Even though we all are walking to death, no one what’s to run there. Hence why these problems was, are, and will always be a true issue and a form of stress on college students. But luckily there is this great practice called abstinence, but when something Is as good as sex. One doesn’t simply stop at one slice of sweet heaven. So even more luckily there are what they call condoms and other ways of practicing safe sex.

And by doing so will prevent or and solve these problems. But even as these are some problems there are more problems at hand, where he type of sex you have may not be pleasing to the people around you. Especially as children living in Dominica; acceptance from “ma’ underpinnings” is very influential on your life. Because not having sex Is a problem; having sex Is a problem; having behind sex is very much a problem; having sex out of your age range is a problem, having too much sex, shouldn’t, but still is a problem. These and more will all open you too criticism.

And the truly best way to solve this problem that Dominica seems to have with its win people is to say “for give them”, because life is full of Judgment and you Just need to pick which ones you’ll let affect your life. So basically sex is lovely, it’s a great gift from God, it’s healthy when done safely, and even more secularly enticing when done properly. So choosing to have sex Is not when hot take a wet bath; when hard find somewhere soft; finally, when your happy and you know what you’re doing, worry less about other input on your life, once you know what your doing is right. Alphorns. T Bell

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