Sexual orientation

1 January 2017

Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Shineaka Collins PSY/265 February 5, 2012 Nicole Pansey Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality may have shaped the way gay individuals perceive themselves because when you research the historical moments depending on your religion it may have been accepted. In ancient Greece it was frequent that men had relationships with young boys.

Although the Greeks had their own perspective of male on male relationships the Christians and the Jews had another. The Romans also believed male on male relationships were acceptable; the men were flamboyant and did not hide their homosexuality. The Christians and Jews believed that male on male relations was sin of Sodom. Sodom is the city that God destroyed, even though it was never proven why God destroyed Sodom. I know I was born and raised a in a Christian family, and we were forbidden to believe same sex relationships were acceptable.

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My family always preached according to The Holy Bible and it explained that God destroyed Sodom because same sex relations were happening there. Also we have cross-cultural perspectives that include the Swans of North Africa; they believed that the younger men should engage in sex with older men. Their own father arranged for them to be with older males, and then when they have reached puberty most of them married women. Last the Sambian people of New Guinea believe that semen boost their young boys strength and virility.

Older men insert semen into young boys anally or have them drink it. The Sambians’ believe this will increase manhood. Scientifically researchers believe genes, hormones and brain differences have their own perspective of why people are homosexual. A study on hormones proved there were no differences but in the genes there was a difference. There is evidence that there is brain difference in homosexuals and heterosexuals showing in neuropsychological, and neuroanatomical, and hormone response (Pinel, 2007).

Furthermore, if you are a homosexual the healthiest thing to do is come out of the closet. Coming out of the closet is a saying that people use about others that are afraid to express their sexuality. This is the hardest part about living as a homosexual, because you are afraid that some people may not accept your identity. If you come from a Christian family this would be one of the hardest things you would have to do in life. Most people come out during their teenage years, because this is when we begin to learn more about our sexuality and identity.

Most homosexual people tell their friends before they tell their family, because they are afraid of rejection. Some people live double lives, doing this they do not want to be seen in public with their partner because they are afraid of what society might think. Basically they only want the company of their partner in closed doors and keep them a secret from the world. These types of homosexuals are still in the closet but are worried about what people may think of them if they come out. Consequently coming out will take some adjustment as well.

You may have to cope with peoples negative actions toward you, because they may have a different belief about homosexuals, or they may be shocked at what your preference is. Some people may not be able to accept the fact about you sexual preference or your gender identity. According to D’Augelli who studies homosexuality among the young says “many adults might be surprised at the secret that really lurks in the psyches of gay teens”. “The remarkable fact is, most are quite conventional. They want long-term relationships and children” (USA Today) 2007.

Coming out does not solve the problem it may create new ones, but you have to look past all the negativity so that you can continue with your life and relieve all the stress, and this will boost your self-esteem because you are being who you are. Homosexuals have to adjust their lives in different situations. When you are out of the closet people may ask you certain questions about your sexual preference and why did you choose to be gay. Also you have to be conscience about being in the military. If this is something you had as a goal you are not able to express your sexual preference in the military.

Today people are more understanding, and tolerant to homosexuals’ lifestyles. There are many support groups to help people cope with their sexuality and gender identities. Historic and scientific perspectives have reflected on my sexual orientation in one way that I was born and raised as a Christian, and how I raise my family by The Holy Bible. I believe that homosexuality is a sin but I cannot judge anyone. I am a heterosexual woman never looking at another woman in a homosexual way has ever crossed my mind or is acceptable in my religion or within my family.

My grandmother is our Pastor at the church of Living God and I witnessed her not accepting a homosexual into our church unless he was coming to be forgiven and helped to become a heterosexual. He testified that he was gay and wanted to be accepted by the church and my grandmother asked him to leave. I was shocked, and as she proceeded with service she explained that being a homosexual was not acceptable God created man to be with woman to conceive children which is the only reason we should be having sexual relations to create children not for pleasure.

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