Sexuality: Born or Taught?

4 April 2015
This paper examines the need for parental sex education for young children, and a study of how parents tend to affect children’s sexuality.

This paper presents a detailed discussion about whether or not parents influence their children’s sexuality. The writer uses several sources to determine if a child’s sexuality is influenced by parents or if the child is born predisposed. The paper examines how parents should approach the topic of sex with young children, and how to set guidelines for the future.
Our sexuality is an important part of who we are. As we grow and develop we discover what our sexuality is and how it benefits us throughout our lifetimes. The influence that parents have on their child’s sexuality begins at a very young age. The types of play that we encourage as well as the types of toys that we provide all work to influence the child’s sexuality. As the child matures we continue to have an impact by the guidance they are given. Young teens who experiment with flirting and physical affection are learning about their sexuality. How parents react to such exploration has a great influence on the continuing development of the sexuality components for the teen. Even as adults we continue to grow and develop our sexuality but it all begins as a baby.

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