Sexually Active Teens

1 January 2017

Researchers have studied to see how family life affects the teens, but it did not reveal an adequate amount of information to benefit from. It was found that regular family activities like eating dinner together, or being involved in activities together appear to lessen the likelihood of sexual activity amongst teenagers. Several recent researches were mainly about how media such as television shows and peers affect the sex lives of teens.

Parents should support their teens, spend time with them, give them some freedom and more nurturing in their adolescent development. It is a time to help them make more informed, safe decisions about sexual activity. When I read the article “Parenting Style and Sexually Active Teens”, I disagree to the fact that people think that controlling mothers, and fathers cause kids to have more sex, because they don’t have much freedom which results in rebellion of some kind, in this case sex.

Sexually Active Teens Essay Example

I disagree with this opinion of many people because I come from a mainly authoritarian household, I don’t hang out a lot, and I do what I’m told to do. But I don’t rebel, I may make a mistake such as forget to turn in an assignment on time; I do face the consequence of a missing assignment but that clearly does not mean that I will rebel and engage in some kind of sexual activity because I do not have as much as freedom as democratic household teens.

Some parents who are controlling may have regular family activities, and spending time with each other will lessen the likelihood of sexual activity. I do greatly agree with parents supporting their teens, and spending time with them because in our household I am usually with my family, my mother and aunt are my two best friends and I can talk to them about anything.

It is good to have a relationship with someone in which you can talk to them about problems, this will probably lessen the likelihood of sexual activity. Overall my opinion on this article is somewhat balanced, because I agree to one fact but disagree to another, I had much interest in this article.

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