Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Developing Countries

A study of the transition of sexual diseases in the third world.

This paper examines the incidents of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in developing countries. It discusses the types of illnesses HIV, HPV, AIDS and others. The paper looks at programs in the third world that provide medical care to these people. The author describes the preventive programs such as culturally-appropriate workshops, educational seminars, and other methods of spreading health education that are needed to ensure that residents of developing countries know how to prevent, manage and treat sexually transmitted diseases.
“Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) have been a problem for doctors worldwide and governments around the globe for many years. Pre-screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs are required to stop the spread of STDs.

A host of sexually transmitted diseases have, unfortunately, exploded in large numbers in the continent of Africa. These STD’s include the HIV virus and the HPV virus, or human papillomavirus. HPV causes cervical cancer, and the HIV virus causes AIDS (auto-immune deficiency syndrome).

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