Shaft Mining

10 October 2016

Mining is a way to dig up those minerals and use them for their own courses. However, the world will be suffered if the company didn’t use the right method to get those precious minerals for their own courses. There are 4 kinds of minerals extraction, among them shaft mining was counted in. [pic][pic] What is shafting mining? Shaft mining is the deepest form of mining in the underground tunnel.

Miners will travel from the surface of the earth and go down to the mine base by elevator. The miners have to dig straight to where the mineral are located beneath the earth. Although the operation is too dangerous and don’t have enough air to breath, miners still have enough air to survive by remove all natural gas and let the air come down through the shaft. On the top of the surface there are two elevator operations which they use it for transport the miners and facility up and down between the surface and underneath the earth. Those two big giant elevator by built up before the mining started.

Shaft Mining Essay Example

In emergency case, the operations of mining have at least one axillary cage or ladder that connects from the surface in order to leave the mine safety. Smaller mining operations use a skip mounted underneath the cage, rather than a separate device, while some large mines have separate shafts for the cage and skips. Shaft mining frequently divided into multiple compartments or rooms. The largest room is for storing mining facility and miners. It likes a big elevator that carries miner to underground. Emergency compartment was included beneath the storing room.

An additional compartment houses mine services such as high voltage cables and pipes for transfer of water, compressed air or diesel fuel. Bad Affect caused by Shaft Mining! Mining always cause huge affection on the earth surface. There are many kinds of devastation caused by shaft mining! Firstly, because of its deepest, the miners may be dead injured by the collapse of rocks. For example, if the miners dig up the rock by wrong technique or method by making a crack on the soil above their head that will lead the rocks collapse. In addition, the miners will cause highly affected by air, polluted air.

If they use the wrong methods to get the gas out, the distraction of breathing will cause fatal injuries in their lung because of poison air or natural gas beneath the earth surface! What is more, when miners digging, they might found Black Damp which is Caron Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide that dilute the Oxygen present in the air, which is the cause of unable to breath regular and even death, more than that Fire Damp is an explosive gas which is worse than Damp gas that can cause fire and kill those miners. Along the impact, one more serious problem was included “Environment Pollution”.

Before the operation started, the company engineer need to log all the forest nearby the mine base. They will cut down many trees as they can, to clear out the area in order to start building their mining operation. This depletion will decreasing the rainfall in the forest and will destroy animals’ shelter and erosion of soil that will make the soil lose nutrients. The operation will be in grave danger if their engineers didn’t use some of barriers to barricade hole! If the rain comes down at the operation area, the soil will follow the rainfall and goes into the hole.

When the soil dried, it will block the way out and the miners will have no air to breath and they will all dead! Furthermore, behind the mining it leaves a huge ugly hole which damages the natural beauty. All in all, shaft mining cost more than any other method of mining, it is also help to gain the government profit, but shaft mining is complicated and extremely dangerous. It’s a life threatened job which could kill the miners unrespectable.

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