4 April 2015
This paper discusses the life and times of William Shakespeare.

The author states that little is know of Shakespeare’s life details, but it is known that he started acting in 1597 before the queen and soon became an expert playwright. He points out that one of the interesting aspects of Shakespeare’s life is that he came from the farm class and grew up in a town where most of the people were illiterate. The feminist position of Shakespeare is discussed. The author states that to be a successful playwright in Shakespeare’s day, a playwright had to interest many different people and that is why Shakespeare had such a wide range of play topics and styles.
William Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 to farmer class parents. This is the reason why we find his life so amazing. He grew up in a town where the majority of the people could neither read nor write. It is known that about five years after he married he left his hometown, Stratford, and went to London where he started acting before the queen. It is known that his careers as an actor as well as a manger both were illustrious and he had a good many years of criticism and success. He lived the latter part of his life actively and died a wealthy man.

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