Shakespeare’s Hamlet

4 April 2015
This paper takes a look at Shakespeare’s character Hamlet.

This well-though out paper takes an in-depth look at the character of Hamlet; it discusses his life and the factors which led him from innocence. The paper also discusses Hamlet?s feelings of being lost and out of his depth and his procrastination when facts are put before him. It, however also puts forward the argument that perhaps Hamlet is wise in not rushing to murder his step father, his intelligence coming as it does from a ghost. Much is also made of the Oedipus complex and Hamlet’s morbid mental struggle.
From the paper:

?William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is one of his most celebrated tragedies and the one play that most people are familiar with even today. The play itself is filled with murder, sex, love, suicide, hate, and revenge – much like a modern day soap opera. But the truly enduring part of the play is Hamlet himself, the little boy lost, who is grieving his father’s death, feels isolated from his family, is in love with a confusing woman and is trying desperately to make things right and avenge his father’s death.

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While a portion of us can identify with one or two of his plights, none of us quite know what he is facing. However, Shakespeare’s use of imagery and emotion endears Hamlet to the audience and gives us insight into his tumultuous soul.?

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