Shall We Walk by Pura Santillan

1 January 2017

Pura Santillan-Castrence begins the essay with a casual tone and continues with a descriptive manner of enumerating the unmatched benefits of walking. The words used all throughout were infallible in evoking a visual image in a reader’s mind and thus, adding to the beauty of a gradual development of scenes. At first glance, her work exemplifies a mundane composition exclusively suited for health-conscious readers.

However, an insightful ending thrashes initial judgements as the author proves the relevance of a simple introduction to achieve her purpose in writing the piece. “Shall We Walk? ” brilliantly incorporated purposeful essence into an extremely ordinary action—walking. From its advantages to man’s health, to the different kinds of people one sees, to the lessons you may learn along the way and finally, the discovery of oneself. All of these are possible when one uses his feet to travel to his destination.

I distinctly appreciated the essay’s realistic approach, which allowed me to relate with the text since I, myself, walk when commuting from Katipunan to my beautiful abode in Makati. Likewise, I was awed by the realization that my surrounding is an instrument which communicates life truths and lessons that can strengthen one’s character. The surrounding that most people take for granted is, after all, a silent teacher that one will recognize only if he cares to open his eyes and see beyond what is readily presented on the surface.

It is also this surrounding that serves as a serene place for stressed people, like me, to unwind and to think clearly. On top of all of these, the essay added meaning to an action I perform only because it is necessary. It left a lasting impact as it conveyed that walking is tantamount to learning and discovering, not only my environment and society, but more importantly, my individuality.

I was instantly attached to this essay, most especially because it paved the way for me to see a bigger truth about life. It reminded me that every part of man’s journey here on earth is a learning experience and one has to immerse himself with his surrounding in order to fully develop his character. From now on, I’ll be looking forward to walking the streets of Katipunan with utter excitement. Because the world reveals itself to those who do so, I just can’t wait to travel once again by foot.

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