Shape and Tessellation

2 February 2017

Tessellation Tessellation is the process of repeating geometric shapes to form a pattern. These patterns do not contain any gaps, or overlaps of the geometric shape. Tessellation in everyday life can be seen in mosaics, tiling, art, and even in nature. A bee hive or honeycomb is a great example of the natural tessellation. When I first saw the assignment for this week, I assumed it would be easy to do.

However, the actual process of making the pattern was harder than expected.The concept seems easy enough; the application is where I struggled. I also found using the paint application harder because the image is not easily formatted to fit on a piece of paper. I had to adjust and readjust the image multiple times in order for it to be seen properly. The type of transformation used in this tessellation is the flip transformation. I used one image and reverse it back and forth to form a pattern. I chose the figure because it was an easy shape to draw and manipulate.

Shape and Tessellation Essay Example

I found as I tried to create a pattern the more intricate the figure, the harder it is to form a coherent pattern. By using a simple pattern I was able to manipulate it with flipping to form an interesting and intricate pattern. In all, this is a great activity for students, but I think I would help simplify the method for younger children by having cutouts of different shapes for them to use. This would enable my students to use uniform shapes to form their tessellation, rather than rely on multiple tools to draw it precisely.I can understand where the younger students would have a harder time understanding and applying the concept of tessellation. As an adult, I found the task difficult to apply on paper. The image and what I wanted to do with that image was clear in my mind, but I needed to form a way to translate that onto the screen.

As younger children the use of paint programs and other technologies may not be readily available and to form a tessellation purely by hand is a more difficult task than it seems.

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