Shards of Silver Fade by Midnight Odyssey

While I’ve only really talked about this genius here once, my review for Funerals From the Astral Space managed a magazine placement which I thought was utterly awesome. It’s been four years and now Dis Pater has released yet another bonified masterpiece. Midnight Odyssey is a one man Australian enterprise with Dis Pater at the main helm of it all. This band includes all things spacey and atmospheric in the world of Black Metal.
This album could very well beat out its predecessor with a slight change in style, longer tracks and adding a new layer yo this space themed world that he creates. This album is almost 150 minutes in length making it much longer than Funerals which was only two hours in comparison. This album isn’t quite as heavy, or as brutal as the last because one Dis prefers to have more melodic sections and more clean vocals as well. This mostly present in the first track where you will find it takes forever to get the heavy part, but that’s ok, because the atmosphere before paints out a more desolate, cold, dark space that you can’t escape. Imagine if this actually happened to you, I would imagine you’d be terrified and never want to see the night sky again right? Well it’s the same feeling here except this time, you wish to never return to Earth again because of how soothing it can really be. Not one track in this album is shorter than 14 minutes which means you’re in for some epic, epic music here and the number of tracks are also cut in half with four on each disk. Expect to come in with in open mind and maybe hear some nebula nearby or perhaps a supernova only blasting miles from you. That’s what space feels like, that is what Midnight Odyssey sounds like. I almost guarantee you will like this album. The album may be quite lengthy but you will enjoy every second of it.
I give this a 10/10 it surpassed all expectations when coming in and blasted them with gamma rays. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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