2 February 2017

Private sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. After the Liberalization the Private industry still holds vast opportunities for young and experienced professionals. After Privatization, the PSU has been making efforts to improve efficiency and customer services.

Among the financial services Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. is the key player. The financial Sector is full of competition even if there area lot of opportunities to the job in SHCIL and it is the platform to go on the highest peak in the life of any coming one.SHCIL is a single window that provides the multisystem facilities of the financial Products. There are many companies in the market which are providing the financial product like insurance demat account services, mutual funds, general insurance ,Portfolio management services(PMS), Money changing , Money Transfer, and the others. Hence SHCIL provides many financial products on the single window. SHCIL deals with the product and Investment options are available in: Equity (Stock) Trading.

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management of SHCIL for giving opportunity to undergo this summer training project in esteemed organization. I place on my sincere thanks and gratitude to my project guide Mr. Vaibhav (Area Manager Ambala) who has been a constant source of inspiration & support the course of the project. I am also very thankful to staff members of SHCIL for giving me all the important information whenever I approached them. At the end I will grateful to my parents and colleagues who have given every help and moral support which enabled me to pursue my training.SHCIL has received No Action Letter from the securities Exchange Commission, USA which enables it to provide custodial and related services to US- based funds as well. With the introduction of the depository related services to the retail segment and over the last few years, it has come to acquire the stature of being one of the largest Depository Participants besides being the largest custodian.

The corporation provides depository related services to its retail segment through190 offices located across the length and breadth of the country.SHCIL has four subsidiaries, namely, SHCIL Services Ltd. (SSL) SHCIL Projects Ltd. (SPL), SHCIL Commodities and Derivatives Trading Company Ltd. ,(SCDTCL) and Untie Value Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Singapore (UVS).

SHCIL has been earning profit consistently and declaring dividend right from its inception. SHCIL’s tangible net worth reached Rs. 1377 million as on March31, 2010. Products and Services Stock Holding Corporation India Ltd. has a complete portfolio of services to meet the requirements of clients. Offering more and more services with safety is a top most priority the corporation.Custodial Services: SHCIL has been providing first-rate custodial services over two decades to India’s leading Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII’s), Banks, Indian and Foreign Venture Capital Companies, Funds, PF Trusts and Corporate.

The custodial services provided by SHCIL includes post trade settlement safe keeping, corporate action and customized reporting. Custodial business witnessed huge growth with the acquisition of new clients like Insurance companies, Banks.Clearing Services: SHCIL is the clearing member on futures and options segment of both NSE and BSE. SHCIL’s long standing association with clearing members has enabled to develop services based on understanding of their working and their requirement for timely and accurate information. Depository Services: A Depository holds securities (like Shares, Debentures, Bonds, Govt. Securities etc. ) of investors in electronic form.

Besides holding securities depository also provides services related to transaction of securities. SHCIL is offering these services since 1998 and is the largest depository participant in india.These services includes account opening, modification of client details, processing settlement and non-settlement related transaction and dematerialisation of securities etc. Sub-Broking Services: SHCIL offers sub-broking operations through its subsidiary company SHCIL services ltd (SSL) on the BSE SHCIL through (SSL) provides speedy, safe, reliable and affordable broking services to retail, HNI and corporate clients through it wide network of branches spread across the country. The clients also have option of trading online from anywhere through internet.E-Stamping : SHCIL is authorised by government of india to act as central record keeping agency for computerization of stamp duty administration system initially for the period of 5 years. To implement this mandate an agreement was signed b/w SHCIL and Unitec Value Systems pvt.

Ltd, Singapore in February 2007 for providing software solutions and support for E-Stamping System In india in association with M/s Crimson Logic Global pvt. Ltd. This operation is functional since February 2007. SHCIL receives mandates from the Government of Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka for implementation of e-stamping and agreements and been finalized.

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