Sheryl Crow

10 October 2019

Sheryl, Sheryl, Sheryl was the chant that rang through the classically styled Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, in March. The crowd’s overwhelming anticipation grew before Sheryl emerged. As Sheryl danced her way onto stage, you could see the personal side that she portrays in her music. As the lead vocalist, classically trained pianist and guitar player, her myriad musical talents were evident throughout the concert. Sheryl doesn’t sing her music through vicarious events, her singing comes from the actual experiences of her life. An untitled song from her new album, for example, was about a man whom she met in a restaurant in Pasadena. The man was dressed in drag and, because of this, was asked to leave the restaurant. Sheryl enjoyed speaking to this unique fellow and thought it would be interesting to write a song about him. Sheryl told the audience the story and added that most of her songs are about people, places or things she experienced in Pasadena, where most of her songs written and recorded. Some people may ask, “Can she sing more than just AAll I Want to Do is Have Some Fun’?” My answer is that Sheryl Crow is no one-hit wonder. Her music ranges from an upbeat, fun song like “All I Want to Do is Have Some Fun,” to a more rap-like song such as “Na, Na, Na.” Other songs that she performed include “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Run, Baby, Run,” “No One Said It Would be Easy,” “What I Can Do For You,” “Can’t Cry Anymore” and “Strong Enough.” Sheryl also tempted our taste buds with a sampling of songs from her new album. The Sheryl Crow concert was a great time and worth the money. I would definitely see her in concert again and anyone who thinks it wouldn’t be worth their time would definitely be missing out on seeing a great concert

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