Shingo Prize Award

9 September 2016

RD Purpose and Background The Shingo Prize (SP) was established in 1988 by a Japanese industrial engineer by the name of Shigeo Shingo, which “distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving manufacturing processes. “(Shingoprize. org, 2010) The (SP) works by promoting an awareness of incline in manufacturing concepts, and to recognize companies that achieve world class status. The (SP) has been referred to by Business Week the “Nobel Prize of Manufacturing.

Reliableplant. com, 2010) The (SP) recognizes and promotes research, and writing regarding new knowledge, and understanding of manufacturing consistent with the philosophy and criteria of the (SP) for excellence in manufacturing. Shingo has affected numerous of manufacturing practices throughout the world which include: Toyota’s production system, Guanajuato Manufacturing Complex North Plan, Gulfstream Aerospace, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Ultraframe UK Ltd.

Shingo Prize Award Essay Example

The mission of the Shingo Prize is to create excellence in organizations through the application of universal, self-evident principles of operational excellence and the alignment of management systems and improvement techniques throughout an entire organization. “(Shingoprize. org, 2010) “The vision is to be globally recognized as the premier Center for principle-based leadership in Operational Excellence and for providing the highest standard of excellence to which any organization may benchmark themselves and plan for improvement. “(, 2010) Unlike other awards where there is only one winner, the (SP) has different levels of being able to compete for an award such as: Shingo Prize, Shingo Silver or the Bronze Medallion; each one has about 12 winners per level. However do not underestimate that just because there is 36 possible ways of winning that it will be that easy; there are hundreds of companies that compete for the (SP). Award Criteria The (SP) is like every other awards; companies need to meet certain criteria in order to qualify to receive any of the different levels of (SP).

The company must be a manufacturing company, that is pretty much a given hence the mission statement. Also the company needs to pass a series of inspections by a board of examiners consisting of over 175 leaders throughout North America. The board that conducts all of the Shingo Prize inspections is the College of Business at Utah State University. These inspections will consist of making sure that the is meeting all of the criteria focus which are: “customer satisfaction and profitability; quality, cost and delivery; lean core operations; and leadership and empowerment enablers.

After gathering all the information from each company they will then start the process of elimination, and pick the best companies that demonstrate all of the criteria to its fullest performance capacities. Benefits of the Award What can companies benefit from having a Shingo Prize? After investing so much time and effort in shaping your company into becoming a lean manufacturing which removes all non-value-added activity to a process, improving quality, cost and delivery.

All of the skills acquired will remain within the business therefore pushing production to the limits and capitalizing their overall investment in the years to come. The award will allow your company to be transparent to your customers allowing them to see that you care for the overall quality of your product. Statistics have been proved that the companies that do adapt to the (SP) model will increase their business by up to 30% every year. Past Winners

This year was a extremely hard competition for their were more than 50 companies that met all of the criteria of the (SP) however only two were picked to receive the (SP) for going above and beyond requirements. Below is the list of the 2010 (SP) recipients honored. The Shingo Prize * Guanajuato Manufacturing Complex North Plant, AAM — Silao, Mexico * Interiores Aereos S. A. De C. V. Gulfstream Aerospace — Mexicali, Mexico Shingo Silver Medallion * Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company — Lawton, Okla. * HID Global — North Haven, Conn.

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