Shiny Toy Guns

6 June 2019

“I can’t forget what you have forgotten, all along. I’ve never been so alone.” Shiny Toy Guns puts a whole new twist on the genre, Electronica. In comparison to other popular bands with lead female singers, Paramore, Shiny Toy Guns is a lot better because of their lyrics and new sound.
Shiny Toy Guns has a very dexterous lyrics and intriguing beats. Their songs come alive when you listen to them, because they are so realistic and relatable. The album, “We Are Pilots,” is set up in a foldable CD case that has song information, such as who produced what songs and then it has pictures of the band members, Carah Faye, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson, Mikey Martin. The first song on the CD is “You Are The One,” which is followed by, “Le Disko,” then, “Starts With One,” “When They Came For Us,” “Don’t Cry Out,” “Chemistry of a Car Crash,” next is song number 7 which is “Waiting,” “Rainy Monday,” “Jackie Will Save Me,” “Shaken,” and lastly “We Are Pilots.” This album is excellent in its word choice; choice, distorted, invincible, consuming, shattered, sensation, supersonic, etc.
One of the songs on “We Are Pilots,” is “You Are the One” which starts out with “Black rose and a radio fire, it’s so contagious.” This song is about a former couple [a couple that has broken up] and the guy wants to get back together and how he says that she’s the one for him and that he will never break her heart again. Hesitantly, she agrees to go back out with him and he breaks up with her again. The song is very realistic and relatable which makes it all the more interesting.
Another song on the album is “Chemistry of a Car Crash” which is about a guy talking about a girl he loves and they are going to break-up, yet they both want to act like nothing ever happened and to cover it up. Although this song is slow compared to some of the other songs on the CD, it still stands out! This song is good for its story and sound.
The song that really stood out was “Don’t Cry Out,” which tells about a girl breaking up with the guy she loves and during, she starts to lose herself. This song is beyond unbelievable when you hear it at first and then during the song the beat sort of changes. What makes the song stand out is its techno beat and vocals which are unbelievably outstanding.
Shiny Toy Guns aren’t like any other band, which mean that you like them or you don’t. Also, some of there songs seem as if they all talk about the same thing. But, overall the album “We Are Pilots by Shiny Toy Guns are a great, aspiring band! Out of 5 stars this CD is 4. This CD would probably be enjoyed by people who like Electronia and amazing lyrics.

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