Short essay

12 December 2017

I was watching BBC 7 news when a story about the nuclear issue with Iran came on and they were saying that the U. S. Is urging Iran to keep Its word to the U.

S. And stay away from attempting to construct nuclear weapons. The next story was immediately about Israel and the hostility that is arising between Israel and the U. S. Due to the Iran issue. They said that Israel is holding its ground and preparing for the worst because of the Issues with Iran a few years back. Israelis are very unhappy with what Is happening around them.

I believe these Issues were linked In the news because whatever happens in either country might affect the other as well as the U. S. Any risky actions in any of these countries might be cause of an enormous National Security crisis. 3. I read an article on Los Angles Daily News Today; it was on the one year anniversary of the Christopher Doreen rampage. I feel like this horrific crime that was described fit in both the faulty system frame and the blocked opportunity frame. This man had no right to do what he did, but the supposed cause was that he was turned against by everyone he knew and lost everything he had ever worked for.

That is where the blocked opportunity frame fits, maybe if this man was turned somewhere else or to another Job rather than Just being let go then maybe he wouldn’t have napped and committed the Insane crimes that he did. I also feel Like It fits In the faulty system frame because when someone with the experience of Doreen makes a threat like that, it should be taken much more seriously. It took quite a while and the death of two officers for the LAP and other law enforcement agencies to take his threat seriously.This man was highly trained and dangerous and should have been dealt with the second that threat was made. 4. A fossil that was dated 12-15 million years old was discovered on the campus of a Borrower, enlisted the senior paleontologist preparatory with the Natural History Museum of Los Angles County to help him find out more about the fossil. Howell Thomas, the paleontologist preparatory, is the claims maker with ownership because he’s a professional on fossils and he gave his opinion as well as the facts he knew on this fossil and they were introduced as facts on public news.

. A girl by the name of Amy was raped on video as an eight year old by her uncle who videotaped the whole thing. Amy, now in her mid-twenties has gone to the Supreme Court in search of restitution for the child pornography that was downloaded over 70,000 times. This is undoubtedly one of the most horrible crimes round and made it all over the media. The uncle who raped Amy went to prison and it was portrayed as a heinous and saddening crime in the media.Everyone agreed that the uncle should be imprisoned and punished harshly but Amy says that she also feels the effects of all the people downloading the video. She said it’s like she’s being abused again every time someone watches it.

So the uncle was punished and the people who were caught with the downloaded video were sent to trial in which many of them were given a prison sentence and also ordered to pay restitution to Amy. People were very accepting of the outcome that had resulted to the people reeking the law and downloading child pornography.

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