Method Procedure Secondary research related to advantage and disadvantages of communications and information technology, also known as (‘CT). The information on which the report is based is available on the Internet without commercial charges. Findings: This report considers possible advantages and disadvantages for Communications, Information Technology OCT) in terms. Advantages: Communication – ICT device like mobile or smartphones has become quicker and more efficient, allowing businesses, individuals, friends and family to communicate ogether through instant SMS and Email.

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The availability of the internet has opened up face to face communications with videoconferencing, through social network sites like Facebook, or VOIP applications like Skype. Globalisation – ICT has led to the world economy becoming into one interdependent economic system. In business terms, ICT and specifically Ecommerce allow companies and individuals to connect in different countries, within a virtual Global Village. Cost Effectiveness – ICT has automated business processes increasing productivity, which leads to higher profits.

The customer also benefits in cost and time saving by using online services like 2417 online banking or getting groceries delivered to their door. Bridging Culture Gaps – Greater access to ICT has allowed peoples of different cultures to communicate together, along with their views and ideas. ICT has effectively bridged the culture gap by highlighting indifference and reducing prejudice. Creation of Services/Jobs in or App. Developers. In turn customers have had many exciting services brought to their fingertips -allowing instant access to information as well as products and ervices.

Education – Home computers and access to the internet have created equal educational opportunities not available to previous generations, with access to online learning (or E-learning). Disadvantages: Unemployment – Advances in ICT have changed processes in sectors from labour intensive to technology based. Streamlining business processes by automation often leads to layoffs, redundancies. A Global village allows for outsourcing processes because locations with lower employment costs or taxes exist.

Privacy and (Cyber) Crime. Information includes personal data transmitted over the internet and other networks maybe available to others through inadequate security policies or hacking by criminals and governments alike. ICT users maybe victims of cybercrimefrom infection of PC with viruses to identity and card detail theft. Online communication can bring people in contact with dangerous individuals. Reliability of Information – Open access to internet means anyone can post material and sources maybe not factual.

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For example: Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, allows users to draftsome eb entries. Rapid Rate of Change – On-going rapid change in ICT has meant devices and applications are constantly being updated. Updates and upgrades are costly. ICT employees need to constantly educate themselves in software languages, maybe interrupted as low Job security. Undermining Cultures – The internet has been dominated by ICT companies lead from the Western world. This has meant Western culture has influenced emerging ones, with loses of traditions and languages, to mainstream ones.

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