Short speech

8 August 2016

If you believe that dance is only a movement of the body, a hobby and sport that only girls can practice, maybe you have never really danced in your life, dancing is not just moving arms and legs, is more than that, dancing is a wonderful form of art. It brings out the soul in people, show emotions, tell us histories. Music helps in brings this art form to life, many dancers say “music, as an extension of my person or a limb directly attached to my soul”, the music promises a sense of self and its possibilities, in terms of bringing out the best in dancers, are endless.

My experience with dance is very little but I really enjoyed. When I was more younger than know, I never wanted to be a dancer, when I was seven years old my mom carry-of me to zumba classes that i really hated because at that time you could not join the word “dance” and “me” in the same line, it was like something impossible, I slept all classes outside the studio on a cut log, I know is really akward.

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Already more older, when I was in sixth grade, willow smith bring out her song “whip my hair”, when i hear the music and see the video, for some strange reason I wanted to dance that song, so I started to search choreographies in youtube but I not found one that like it, until I found a choreography that at the first time I see it, I love it, a choreography made it by Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra the movements were completely perfects, in that moment my passion for dance began, I started to search videos of the same choreographers and I found dancers that are amazing,.

For example Camren Bicondova and Kaelynn Gobert-Harris, I search many videos of this girls and for my surprise this two girls were together in a crew named “8 Flavahz” the first time I saw her videos, I completely love how they dance, this crew start to inspire, girls of ten and eleven dance in this crew, they make somersaults and other things, make handstands, for a girl this will be very complicated and I think “how they do that? I want to do that, if a girl of ten years can do that I could”. I start to make handstands in the wall and practice movements of dance, not knowing that my chance to dance was near, in second grade of secondary, my friend Melissa was going to be fifteen and she was going to make a party for that.

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