Short story about being Limitless

6 June 2017

The Limitless Jogger There Alice stood, at the entrance of her bedroom door, reminiscing before deciding what route she would like to take on her daily Jog. It was mid-day, 2:05-PM to be exact. Alice had the option to take the route of which she would go through the woods, or the route of which she would take the sidewalk along the busy street, Just 4 miles up the trail from her cabin in the hindered woods. Alice reminisced and foreseen herself back in that hospital room, on that late October night.

GO! ” Alice was found nervous, for the first time in her life, seeing the competition she had such a horrible feeling, but she raced on, assuming that she was Just nervous. And off she raced! Her legs accelerating! The adrenaline rising in Alice’s blood as she accelerated! The sweat emerging and her breath becoming more vigorous! Alice took the lead at fifteen minutes into the race.

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She felt overjoyed knowing that Just for a moment, her legs were the most unlimited. Alice began to feel her speed decreasing, and decreasing less and less.

Alice had now been at the speed f Jogging, which was correct, during this part of the race, she fell behind three women as two other women were behind her still. She noticed some women Jogging, but some women were immediately eliminated out of the race because they allowed their competitive attitudes over take them, and instead of Jogging, they continued to run. Alice, and four other women were left in this race. Julie, the most competitive and cruel women on the team, felt an ounce of Jealousy, and decided to stay in the race, regardless of what the ref was telling her to do!

She ran up beside Alice, and pushed her into the left side of the race track, Alice hardly reacted and Jumped back into the Jogging portion of the race, assuming Julie had done this by accident, but when the ref continued to call Julie’s name, Alice immediately knew exactly what had happened. Alice panicked, but still Jogged on. The loud siren sounded, and in that moment Alice knew it was time to pick up speed again and continue on running for the last portion of the race. Alice got her head back into the game and decided she wouldn’t allow anyone to make her limited!

Alice picked up acceleration, and as she did this she noticed the track took a thirty degree turn to the left, her velocity was excellent, sne nad wondertul direction, sne could keep ner speed precise without slowing down or getting wobbly when turning the track, she was excellent. Alice took the lead! The crowd cheered and happily called out her name! Alice decided it was time to take the crowd away and speed up! She wanted to show everybody Just how limitless she was! And she did!

The finish line was almost missed, when Julie ccelerated behind and Alice, Julie realized she would not be able to catch up to Alice, and she definitely was not going to win the race. So Julie’s petty Jealousy got the best of her, Julie stopped in her tracks, allowing the other women in the competition to pass her. After the other women passed her, Julie took one of her track sports shoes off, and heaved it as hard, and as far as she could, she hit Alice Just barely

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