Should Adults Stay with Their Parents

I cant live without my parents . It costs too much . I cant afford my living without my parents . Some young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their families for a long time. Some adults do not want to stay apart from their parents because they think they wont be able to manage their financial expense while other need the guidance of their parents in decision making. Parents always think that their kids remain kid even when they become adults.

This is a hundred percent correct with our Asian people, the ones who culturally live in a big family with four or five generations in the same house. I believe that the young adults will hardly be mature if they keep staying with their parents. The sooner they stay apart, the more independent and responsible they are. When the young adults stay apart, of course they will face with some difficulties such as finance expense, time management and lack of direction from parents.

However, these difficulties also are strong advantage for them if they can learn how to overcome all these. By facing with difficulties and managing their lives themselves, the young adults will be more mature and more independent than when they stay with their parents. This is called boomerang generation named for the frequency with which they choose to cohabitate with their parents after a brief period of living on their own – thus boomeranging back to their place of origin.

This cohabitation can take many forms, ranging from situations that mirror the high dependency of pre-adulthood to highly independent, separate-household arrangements. The parents of these adult children have been referred to as “babygloomers. ” When staying independently, the young adults will be more responsible. They realize that they have to take care for their own houses, they have to feed themselves, or even, feed their pets. Besides, they automatically enlarge their relationship with the society.

They surely will communicate with their neighbors, they have to work with authorities or sometimes, they have to join some community’s activities. Thus, they will gradually be more responsible to themselves and to their society. We all love our parents but we all know that they will not live with us forever. Once realize this fact, the sooner we are well prepared the better life we have. Thus, I believe that staying apart when they are ready is always a better choice for young adults.

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