Should animals be kept in zoos?

?Zoos are sometimes seen as necessary but poor alternative to a natural environment. Is it necessary to keep animals in zoos? Zoo is the place where different kinds of animals are kept, displayed to public, and in which they may also be bred. In today’s fast paced world, people are pressurized everyday working at a stressful job from nine to five; leisure in the form of going to zoo can be truly welcoming. There are many debates on whether zoos should be prohibited since the issue of animal conservation had arisen about thirty years ago.

Zoos are important and should be kept although they provide poor alternatives to a natural environment to the animals. It has often been said that animals’ survival abilities have been deprived because of the limited exposure to nature in the zoos. In addition, they don’t have any freedom since they are kept in small cage In the modern society, zoos are almost indispensable places in large cities for people to visit. In some large zoos, there are various animals from space to sea and from primitive invertebrates to advanced and intelligent mammals.

In the zoos, all animals, including those rare animals, such as panda, African elephant, and North-Eastern tiger, could enjoy good care and protection away from any danger. However, along with the stronger natural environmental protection consciousness, many people think that to put animals into small cages will change their living instincts, and therefore break the ecological balance. Viewed from the basic relations between animals and human beings, animals should have the equal freedom with human being.

Animals have their own living instinct, and it is this instinct that forms the biological chain of the Earth. This relation is called “Ecological Balance” academically. This opinion sounds ideal theoretically. However in reality, human beings and other animals cannot stay together peacefully on the Earth. Because of human beings’ lust for fortune, many valuable animals are killed or sold, especially those endangered species. Therefore, zoos appear as an active way for people to protect these poor animals.

First, this is an action not only for animals but also for human being itself. Next, zoos can serve a purpose of educating and entertaining people, narrowing the distance between human beings and animals. Last, zoos can be a scientific study center to rescue more endangered species and make animals better to serve people’s need. The key point of this topic is freedom or protection. It is necessary to keep animals in zoos for the purpose of its study, protection of animals, and

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