Should Athletes Get Paid

1 January 2017

Should college Athletes Be Paid to play These days athletes are getting paid under federal labor laws and entitled to form unions and negotiate wages, hours and working conditions. Most college athletes these days are getting paid under the table according to Kenneth J. Cooper. This article explains why college athletes go to certain colleges. Donald Remy, the NCAA’s general counsel and vice president for legal affairs, says court precedents and tax laws have upheld the status of college athletes as students. Remy believes that student athletes are not employees under the law, and that they should not be treated as employees either by the law or by the schools they attend”. Tommy Amaker a former basketball star at Duke University now coaches at Harvard university men’s team said he could of got his education paid for at an incredible school but he didn’t want to. To me I think I would of did the same thing because I wouldn’t want free money that I didn’t work for or didn’t win.

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If he would of took it and got caught he would most likely get in trouble and duke university would have to get theirs wins and their banners token down. They would have to get their wins and banners taken down because once you violate the NCAA rule that’s what the NCAA does because no one likes someone that breaks rules. I would for sure think they would get in trouble because the same thing happen to Derrick Rose and John wall for taking money from the university. When his teammates found out they were upset because all their hard work before and after the season didn’t even matter anymore.

In this article it also talks about college athletes going to college but not for a education for the college experience, and to make it pro. I really agree with this because most college athletes would want to go pro and make the big bucks but sometimes it doesn’t always work like that. For example my cousin didn’t want an education all he wanted to do was make the big bucks and that’s what he did. Many at major collegiate programs never get a degree the NCAA’s own statistics show.

Former players who did graduate may be less inclined to think they were employee athletes as the McCormicks call them. Do you think people play D1 sports for the love of the game or for a job? To me most people play for the love of the game and some play because their getting paid and to me when you get paid to play that’s not right. Both Amaker and Hicks went to private schools and you woundlt think private schools would pay their players but they sure did. It doesn’t matter what school you go to most students are going to get some type of money.

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