Should Capital Punishment be legal in the U.K?

Should Capital Punishment be legal in the U. K? A poll taken showed that 60% of citizens in the United Kingdom wanted Capital Punishment re-instated, even more people wanted it in cases of murder with Police Officers or children involved. Capital Punishment is the most severe deterrent or retribution in existence and aims to deter future obligates from committing such heinous crimes for which the death penalty would be apportioned. The principal of this being that the future criminal’ will be so afraid that the idea would be banished from their mind.

This form of punishment also helps to protect society from such orrific crimes. Some Christians believe that it is more important that society is protected than the reform of the criminal and it falls under the teachings of the Church to obey. Others believe that it is God’s will to choose who suffers or lives. “It is mine to revenge, I will repay. ” Roman’s 12:17-19. This is a reasonable argument in Christian law, so most would let it be introduced again. Jesus was crucified though for things he had done and had to pay with his life, so why should capital punishment be different?

The death penalty is consistent with Old Testament Biblical teaching, nd suggests that God created the death penalty. In total, the Old Testament specifies thirty six capital offences including crimes such as idolatry, magic and blasphemy, as well as murder. But many Christians don’t think that is a convincing argument – they say that there are thirty five capital offences, in addition to murder, described in the Old Testament. As these are no longer capital offences, Christians say it is inconsistent to preserve murder alone as a capital crime.

Many Christians believe that God commanded “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 21 :13), and that this is a clear instruction with no exceptions. In light of the word of God, and thus of faith, life – all human life – is sacred and untouchable. No matter how heinous the crimes [the criminal] does not lose his fundamental right to life, for it is primordial, inviolable, and inalienable, and thus comes under the power of no one whatsoever: Father Gino Concetti, L ‘Osservatore Romano, 1977. This quote shows how even if someone has done something so horrific they shouldn’t be condemned to death and that ‘Only God should create and destroy life. This argument emphasises forgiveness and compassion. On the other hand, most Muslims agree with Capital Punishment ecause it is the punishment for certain crimes stated in the Qur’an (their Holy book). Some Muslims disagree with this however as it is not stated compulsory in the Shari’ah, and for non-religious reasons. … Take not life, which God has made sacred, except by way of Justice and law. Thus does He command you, so that you may learn wisdom. Qur’an 6:151 But even though most Muslims believe the capital punishment to be allowed, forgiveness is preferred.

They believe that even though there may be more severe punishment in the hands of God for a crime; there should still be ‘earthly punishment. Most Buddhists disagree that as capital punishment is not showing compassion for all life and non-violence like the Doctrine states. “An action, physical and mental pain to another being,” The Buddha. This shows that the Buddhist way to stop criminals would be in favour of reform rather than deterrence, and that the offender’s rehabilitation into society should be of upmost importance.

They will most probably retain Capital Punishment though because of the difference between complete practice of the religion and the superficial other way in which many of the laws are not upheld. Others could be belief by politicians that capital unishment is necessary for retribution, cultural customs, or for deterrence value, a long tradition of capital punishment in a particular country, keeping order in society is seen as more important than Buddha’s teaching, reaction to long periods of political unrest or economic instability.

Judaism also has conflicting ideas for and against Capital Punishment. Anyone reading the Old Testament list of thirty six capital crimes, might think that Judaism is in favour of capital punishment. However, they would be incorrect. Jewish courts very rarely imposed the death penalty; the state of Israel has abolished the death enalty for any crime that is now likely to be tried there. In recent times many Rabbis have actually taken lots of measurements to ensure that it will not happen again.

Interpreting texts in the context of Judaism’s general respect for the sanctity of human life, emphasising anti-death texts such as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’, interpreting texts to make them very narrow in their application, refusing to accept any but the most explicit Torah texts proposing the death penalty, finding alternative punishments, or schemes of compensation for victims’ families, imposing rocedural and evidential barriers that made the death penalty practically unenforceable. Overall Judaism appears to be the religion most against the Capital Punishment as a whole form.

Christians don’t have any strict rules to say that it should be forbidden and this is also the case for Muslims. Buddhism is mostly against it as ‘punishing an offender with excessive cruelty will injure not Just the offender’s mind, but also the mind of the person doing the punishing. ‘ Another Religion which believes that peace and forgiveness should be used rather than pain and punishment is Islamic. I believe that there should be a new court system ntroduced to be specifically used for crimes that are considered under the jurisdiction of the death penalty.

The crime should first be Judged in an ordinary court and then pass to a higher court if the result is inconclusive. Extremely horrific crimes however will not be passed on and the penalty shall take place privately with only family and friends knowing of the event. This way the majority of cases which involve terrible crimes should be lowered as the criminal shall be deterred from committing them. This however has some negative aspects because the criminal has no chance to reform from their deeds and be introduced back into society.

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