Should Children Be Educated at Home or in School?

1 January 2017

When you think of education, you almost think of public education. The schools are made to be the places where children can get suitable education, in order to have a successful career and all the goals they may set in life. Throughout the years, it is slowly changing. Many parents today decide home school is good for their children. This is due to the increasing number of violence acts produced in schools all over the world; more parents prefer to have their children educated at home rather than at school.

Although most people think that a public education is better, most facts tend to show that home schooling is beneficial in more ways. First, homeschooled kids have better relationships and get closer with their family more than schooled kids. Parents play an important role in helping their children to learn at home. In this way, children will make good friends of their parents all the time. In addition to that, children will feel safe while sitting at home near their parents, and parents will feel contentment when their children spend more time at home in front of their eyes.

Another reason for teaching children at home is that many children go to school nowadays not for studying, but they have other interests. For example, for showing off their new pair of jeans, and amazing their colleagues with a trendy haircut, or just meeting friends and have a little fun. Just few of them interest and concerns about learning and having good marks at school. Homeschooled kids are not encounter with sadly, peer pressure, competition, and boredom, which are part of a school. They can dress, act, and think the way they want, without fear of classmates.

Some people may argue that socialization is a big problem of being homeschooled kids. There may be some truth in this; socialization is important to young people. However, until recently, it was never thought to be the reason that we sent our children to school. Can children socialize outside of school? Of course they can! Most home-educated children attend various activities. They can join clubs, play sports, take lessons and do volunteer work. In fact, there are many people more unhappy isolated, and very lonely children in schools, who are very often bothered and mistreated as well.

In conclusion, home school is not suitable for everyone, and every family must consider their own circumstances. Home education should a right for those who are willing and able, and whose children are happier and better educated at home. Moreover, if a child prefers to learn at school, for whatever reason, this should be their choice. However, this method of education at home can be an advantage and beneficial in many ways, according to the real experiences of some families.

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