Should College Athletes Be Paid for Playing Sports

The Strongest argument for pay for play is the idea that schools are making enormous amounts of money off of their student- athletes, which is entirely untrue. Only two dozen schools in Division I sports actually post a profit. Student-athletes graduate at a higher rate than the general student body. Most do so while playing the sport they love and preparing for a future as a professional in something other than sports.Many receive athletics grants-in aid that can be worth more than $100,000. NCAA studies show that student- athletes enjoy high levels of engagement in academics, athletics and community; have positive feelings about their overall athletics and academic experiences; attribute learning valuable life skills to being a student-athlete; and are more likely to earn similar or higher wages after college than non- student-athletes.

They also say that schools should pay for costs beyond the tuition, student fees and room and board covered by athletic scholarships. The report calculates the shortfall for the full cost of attending college when things such as clothing and emergency trips home are added in. Alex Lamellar- It’s a good start to your paper. Find some sources that back up the fact that schools are not making a profit from student athletes.

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