Should Companies Market to Children?

2 February 2017

Nowadays millions and millions are spent by companies who are advertising products for children. They are an easy target and what they see is what they want. Companies play it smart but how far can they go? Is it ethical to advertise when the health of a child is in danger? If you think clearly what you wanted to be in the future you would properly come out whit a fireman astronaut or pilot. Nowadays children want to become rich. This comes most certainly not from their parent but from the advertisement.

There are so many beautiful things that children want. And they see it everywhere. On billboards television radio and most certainly the new media like twitter and Facebook. The children are clever enough to know that they have to earn money to gain al the beautiful stuff they see everywhere. It is a clever thing from the companies to already bind customers on such a Jung age. But let us be honest let children worry about their homework first instead of earn money. Advertisement what I mentioned above will not harm the health of the children.

Should Companies Market to Children? Essay Example

When we think about mc Donalds we think about children. A place where a child really feels as a child. What the children do not know is that this food is not convenient for them. The commercials visualise a perfect atmosphere where everybody lives in perfect harmony. The children want to be part of the whole mc donalds experience. Parents want their children to be happy that is their main goal. Most of the parents know that this type of food is not healthy but they think short termed instead of the more cleverly long term.

It is not only the fault of mc donalds the whole society is different than twenty years ago. More fathers and mothers are working nowadays. When they come back from work they are tired and do not feel making proper meals. The easiest way is going to the mc donalds. If you look closely at the trend of commercials you will be surprised. The commercials tend to aim more at children. The pure mind from children tend to believe faster commercials than their parents. It is hard to influence parents.

Most of them are rational thinking persons who can think for themselves. Companies have to market a new customer the children. Especially in times like this when there is a great depression. You have to try everything to survive. Maybe it is a easy way but in times like this you sometimes have to cheat to survive. If you are not a fast-food chain I do not see why companies could not market to children. Their pure minds are maybe a easy target bet let us be honest would you do not do the same if you are the owner of a companies and could make money?

Should companies market to children? A question what concerns many people. Companies can market to children long as their mind and health is not in danger. Children are vulnerable species and please treat them that way. A happy meal is not a horror mail so advertisements like that should be abolished. There is nothing more important than the health of a child and parents have to look after that. It is not only the fault of the companies you as a parent also have a big responsibility .

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